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Note that in '66, Woody's team finished 4-5, placing 6th in B10.

Note that '67 was one year prior to '68 NC at Ohio State.

"The Bucks 35-point loss to Purdue was the largest margin of defeat for Hayes' 267 games at OSU...The Boilermakers romped 41-6, completely overpowering the Bucks in every phase of the game...the margin of defeat could have been much worse. After his team built up a 35-0 halftime lead, coach Mollenkopf benched most of his regulars early in the second half. Hayes even thanked him for being so considerate when the two shook hands at game's end.

Fan criticism of Hayes was now becoming much more intense. This was the Buck's second setback in just the third game, their seventh loss in their last 11 ball games. Monday morning QB's all over the state were wondering if Hayes had passed his peak."

Illinois gave OSU its 4th consecutive loss at home on 28 Oct.

November 11th, against Wisconsin, OSU Stadium attendance was 65,470, the lowest crowd since the 1950 "Snow Bowl" game against weasels.

"There were rumors Hayes might be replaced after the season."

HEY BUCKS, WE'VE GONE THROUGH THIS STUFF BEFORE. IT HAPPENS. Better football days are coming. For goodness sake, don't lose faith in this great program.

quotes from Jack Park's Official Ohio State Football Encyclopedia
Sorry but excuses are like assholes they all stink. This team has too much talent. The B10 had 8 new starting QB's this year. The majority of the teams are very young. The youth excuse is complete bullshit.

Michigan has a true freshmen QB and two TF runningbacks.

Michigan St., Iowa, Penn St., Minny,Indiana all have young teams and returning RB and/or QB's.

#2,#16,and #9 recruiting classes the last three years in recruiting. Talent is an excuse that cannot be used.
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Brutus, you're so eloquent.

Like it or not, OSU has a distinct lack of senior starters, a compelling number of lower class, short-on-gametime players. All of the contending B10 programs have a much higher game-per-player experience level.

In just one category, compare experience on plays-per-game between our OL and contenders' OLs. Make another compare of DL. Soon ya get the picture.

These are the facts.

It's easy to scream and yell because of losses, but that's not going to change our meager experience level. Our kids want to do well and they shall, once they get more gametime.

Cheers for a better next year...which, btw, I predict.
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Absolutely 100% disagree.

If they were competing in these games and just coming up a bit shy, I'd buy the "we're young" excuse. Having the 111'th ranked offense in the country at a school like OSU is completely unacceptable no matter the experience level. The offensive problems have been here when the roster was chock full of soon-to-be-NFL-player seinors.

Also, you need to look no further than scUM to find an example of a team who replaced just as many guys as we did and almost the exact positions.

So far this year their 3 new starters on the OL, True Freshman QB and True Freshman RB are light years ahead of our 3rd year So QB, Sr RB and 3 new OL.

Furthermore, the jump between 67 and 68 was due to the old rule of freshman being ineligible. The 67 team sucked and knew the freshman class was better than anyone they had played all year, thus the huge jump in 68. Do you really think we have that kind of talent on this roster and JT is just saving their redshirts?

No, as much as I would like to believe it there is no comparison between 67-68 and today. More like 99-00 more than likely. A cosmetic improvement in the overall W/L but some serious fundamental flaws will remain.
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I agree San Clemente. Tressel has been doing this for some time,18-20 years in time everything will be resolved, this is my opinion and as stated above everyone has one. Buck up, shut up and get tough, things will probably get worse before they get better so next Saturday I'll be lookin for bridge jumpers.
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67 bucks

the core of the 68 team were sophmores .In 67 they couldn't play., but we were 6-3. The point is Woody coached up a young team in 68. We have a young team now, can JT coach them up as woody did? Woody was able to adapt . btw 1967 osu 24 UM 14.

btw the 66 team had a 1 point loss and a 3 point one. The biggest loss was by 16 not 26 . We also beat Iowa that year. We also had Ray Pryor and Dick Hines both all americans. Of course we have nugg and aj two this year.
Ohio State 14, Texas Christian 7
Washington 38, Ohio State 22
Illinois 10, Ohio State 9
Michigan State 11, Ohio State 8
Ohio State 24, Wisconsin 13
Minnesota 17, Ohio State 7
Ohio State 7, Indiana 0
Ohio State 14, Iowa 10
Michigan 17, Ohio State 3
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Good replies all. Ok, my point was to reflect that Ohio State football, even under Woody Hayes, had its down moments. More than not, at these low points the team was relatively inexperienced against its competition and got outplayed more than it outplayed its opposition.

Look at 1959: "Ohio State entered the '59 season "cautiously optimistic"." (sound familiar?) Listen to the quality players on the team: Jim Houston (Capt), Jim Tyrer (tackles), Hauer, Wright at guard. FB Bob White, hero of the '57 Iowa game that won the B10 for OSU. Back at QB, Jerry Fields, a senior. Soph. Bob Ferguson at halfback, would be the star FB starting the next two years. Houston named AAmerican and team MVP.

In first game against Duke, Fields was injured and Woody picked Matte, a halfback to lead the winning score at QB late in 2nd half. Season:

OSU/Duke W 14-13
Ill/OSU L 9-0
OSU/Purd W 15-0
Wisc/OSU L 12-3
OSU/MSt W 30-24
Ind/OSU T 0-0
Iowa/OSU L 16-7
Weasel/OSU L 23-14
Injuries hurt this team, but with emerging underclassmen, the '60 Bucks bounced back for a 7-2 season followed by the 8-0-1 NC of '61.
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