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LGHL Woody Hayes tops ESPN's list of top-5 Ohio State football coaches of all-time

Brett Ludwiczak

Woody Hayes tops ESPN's list of top-5 Ohio State football coaches of all-time
Brett Ludwiczak
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The list is made up of five of the last six Ohio State football head coaches.

"Hayes is synonymous with the Buckeyes, and few coaches have ever won more at a school than he did at Ohio State."

- Brian Bennett, ESPN.com

This week ESPN's Big Ten blog is taking a look at the top-5 coaches all-time for each Big Ten program, and today Brian Bennett dove into the best coaches in Ohio State history. The Buckeyes have had 24 head coaches in school history, but has only had six head coaches since 1951. Five of those six head coaches fill out the list, with the only coach not making the list being Luke Fickell, who was named interim head coach for the 2011 season following the resignation of Jim Tressel. It should come as no surprise that Woody Hayes tops the list of Ohio State head coaches, after he led the Buckeyes to five national titles and 13 Big Ten championships. The 205 wins Hayes notched during his time in Columbus are the most in school history by a wide margin. John Cooper, who came in fifth place on this list, sits second in school history with 111 victories.

While it was pretty easy to see why Hayes tops this list, the most interesting question was who would be ranked next after Hayes? Even though he has been only coached Ohio State for four years, Urban Meyer comes in second on Bennett's list. Meyer has already ranked up 50 wins for the Buckeyes, along with a national title and a Big Ten title. Had it not been for the loss to Michigan State in November, Meyer would still be undefeated in Big Ten regular season play. Jim Tressel is slotted third in this list, and he might have taken second on the list had it not been for the tattoo scandal which forced his resignation, along with 12 wins being vacated. Earle Bruce was ranked fourth on the list. Even though Bruce had the tough task of following Hayes as Ohio State's head coach, he still went 81-26-1 during his time on the sidelines for Ohio State.

"Brutus will join a campus-wide group of faculty, staff, and senior officials led by President Michael Drake and Athletics Director Gene Smith."

- Mary Mogan Edwards & Emily Tate, The Columbus Dispatch

After announcing on Wednesday that Brutus Buckeye wouldn't be attending this weekend's Columbus Pride parade following security concerns after Sunday morning's shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the university announced earlier today that Brutus will in fact be at this weekend's parade. Ohio State said they reversed their decision "after additional consideration and reviews." Along with Brutus, it was announced today that Ohio University's mascot Rufus the Bobcat would also be attending.

"Special teams is a big key for me and a big key to help this team win."

- Jalin Marshall via Giovanni Annatelli, Scout.com

While Jalin Marshall had to have been disappointed when he was chosen in April's NFL Draft, he isn't letting it bring him down as the Jets wrap up mini-camp. So far Marshall has done what he did during his time at Ohio State, impress on special teams. The spark that Marshall provides on special teams could be what earns him a spot on the Jets this year. During his two years with the Buckeyes, Marshall accounted for 754 yards on special teams, as well as a punt return for a touchdown. With five weeks until training camp starts, Marshall is going to continue to work on special teams so it might help him early a spot with the Jets this year.

With receivers like Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and former Ohio State teammate Devin Smith heading the Jets depth chart, it isn't likely to see Jalin Marshall on the field at wide receiver for the Jets much if he makes the roster this year. But from what his coaches and teammates are saying, Marshall has already improved a lot at receiver during his short time with the team. If he continues his growth at a position he is still relatively new to, after spending his high school career as a quarterback, Marshall could turn out to be a steal for the Jets, who signed Marshall as an undrafted free agent following this year's draft.

"That's the hard part, man. It's not where you want to be, but then again in a sense you have to re-prove yourself again and again. In the grand scheme of things, bro, I'm just trying to claw and scratch my way back to 'The Show' one more time. I still feel like I can do a lot in this game."

- Former Ohio State Buckeye Nick Swisher via Jacob Myers, The Lantern

Last week Ohio State had six players taken in the 2016 MLB Draft, which brought back some fond memories for former Ohio State baseball player Nick Swisher. Following the 2002 season, Swisher was drafted with the 16th overall pick by the Oakland Athletics. Not only did Swisher make his mark on the field for Ohio State, as he was part of the last NCAA Regional championship team for the Buckeyes, but he has also done so off the field since making it to the majors. In November 2011, Swisher donated $500,000 to the program which was used for the installation of artificial turf at Bill Davis Stadium. To honor Swisher, the school renamed Ohio State's baseball home "Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium".

While Swisher is pleased with the strides Ohio State's baseball program is making, he also is focused on trying to make it back on a major league roster. Currently Swisher plays for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, who is the Triple-A affiliate for the New York Yankees. Over the weekend Swisher was in Columbus as his team took on the Columbus Clippers. The 35-year-old made the most of the return to his hometown, hitting three home runs and driving in six runs over two games. Swisher won a World Series with the Yankees in 2009, and was an All-Star in 2010. Now he is hoping with the injuries the Yankees have had to deal with this year that the team feels has another chance to make some noise for "The Bronx Bombers".


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