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Woody Hayes "Stacker Dolls?"


Saw these today at www.hangonsloopy.com

I have my 2 Woody bobbleheads, but I think I'll pass on this thing. It really looks weird to me.



This is The Official Team Shop's new collectible from The Legends of The Shoe Collection.

The Woody Stacker Doll is a stackable, wooden, nesting doll, featuring Woody Hayes. The stacker doll concept comes from the Russian Nesting Doll style. The dolls will be individually numbered for 50,000 units.

The Woody is the 1st in the series. Get your Woody Stacker first at the 2004 Spring Game!!

We want to know what the Buckeye Nation thinks of this new collectible. Send your comments to [email protected].
Wow. That's strange. It looks like a genetic mutation of Harry Carry and Boris Yeltsin. :huh:

I've got some Buckeye stacker dolls that my sister-in-law found in Moscow. I was amazed that there were actually OSU football stacker dolls in Russia. It's a set of 5 or six, and it's even got actual names and numbers from the NC team- Krenzel, Hall, Gamble, Clarett, Doss. Pretty cool.

I'm passing on Woody, though.
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