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Woody Hayes Athletic Center (Official Thread)


Bench press records posted inside weight room.

Sorry it's so big (file is under the 200K limit). I have some more good ones that I'll post only if it's ok with Clarity.


  • benchpress.jpg
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Wow, that's a great pic. What caught my attention was how many of those came since Coach Johnson arrived in 2001. Looks like he's doing a great job with the team. OSU was clearly more well-conditioned when they played Texas Tech and Washington St. early on in the year. That should be a big advantage against Washington and NC State too.
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One of the most surprising things to me was the Big Kat. A 400lb bench press? Does anyone know what it was reported coming out of high school? Probably 500+ He was freakin' huge and there are receivers and backs throwing up that much.
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