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woody bobble head dolls


Herbie for President
I think they go on sale at Donatos today... I also heard they are already sold out...?? If they go on sale today, how can they be sold out before the store opens... guess it would be nice to have a friend who works at a pizza joint...???? :roll2:
They had them at the local Donatos where I live, but folks were lined up out the door when they opened - and they wouldn't sell them with delivery. I don't wait in those kind of lines. I just called back. Sold out.

This time around they only had 16k. Last time there were 40k.

Last time I ended up buying about 6 for $6.99 each. I sold five - the last one for about $160. The one I still have is not for sale.

People are crazy. They are just ceramic figures - made in China no less.
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They will have more next week, and then the following week... long lines everywhere... I think every store in central Ohio sold out in the first 15 min.

the guy behind me said he drove over 100 miles to get here to buy them... guess what, we were too late and they were sold out... must have been a long drive home for him :roll2:
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