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True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence
There was a previous thread on the poor scores of many of the athletes in the NFL draft on the Wonderlic test.

I am in discussion for a VP of Sales position and they send me the test.

We may have covered it but it is 50 questions taken over a 12 minute time frame. The questions get more difficult as the test progresses.

I tried to work quickly and got through 47 questions. I went back and checked after I sent the test in and believe I answered 44-45 correctly.

It is not difficult but there is the time constraint and there several questions that required some detailed observation and decision making. I have always been pretty good at this type of thing so I can see where the speed issue could cause some troubles.

I would say anyone should have gotten at least half of these right.

When my 10 year old daughter gets back from spring break I will give her the test to see how well she scores.