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I feel both games will be tough games. Purdue has shown a penchant for not being able to close out an opponent. They gave away the Iowa and Michigan games last year. Purdue will be tough, but I do not see OSU looking past them.

Wisconsin is always a pain. I keep reading about the excellent receiving corps, but I honestly do not believe that Evans will be like the Evans before his knee injury. Yes, he will be good, but before he was injured, he could have (and most probably would have had he opted for the draft) been a top 5 pick in the draft. Orr was their go to guy last year, and I do not see that changing. Wisconsin has a running threat that Purdue does not possess. But Sorgi must develop beyond what he was last year, or it will not matter how many great receivers Wisconsin has. When Bollinger went out of last year's game, a lot of steam came out of the Wisconsin offense. This will be OSU's toughest opponent IMO. Again, I see OSU rising to the challenge in this game. OSU will have a bye week to get healthy and ready for this game, and Wisconsin will not have an easy game the week before travelling to Penn State.
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I think the Wiscy and scUM game will both be equally dangerous, but even when one team is having a down year THE Game is always close and you never know who's going to win. If the Wiscy game is at night like people have talked about that will make it even tougher IMO. Purdue has a chance to be a real good team this year but the fact it's in the Shoe makes me worry less about it.
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Wisky will be a battle, but really I am begining to expect that.

scUM however is still the one game that I think will be the biggest challenge. scUM and the scUM faithful will be more focused on that game than they have been since, will probably 1969.
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