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Wisconsin just won 9-7 at Arizona. Arizona missed a late field goal to win. Wisconsin plays Illinois and Penn State at home before the game in the Shoe. They should be 5-0 coming into that game. I still am not convinced Wisconsin is that good though.


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Can't read much into struggling with AZ...conditions were deplorable, and there was a multi-hour weather delay, resulting in something I've never seen before...no halftime. They just started playing the 3rd quarter. I've been critical of Wiscy a lot, but only winning by 2 isn't as bad as it looks.
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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Wisky has been one of those teams the last few years... they have the ability to beat anyone in the big ten but end up losing to UNLV and Indiana. Alverez is over rated, IMHO. Since he took over as AD his teams have struggled to live up to their abilities.
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