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If I'm not mistaken, ABC dictates start times, based upon their desired broadcast schedule. If they were to pass on the game, ESPN would likely jump on it and it would be moved to a night game. If I had to guess, the only way ABC passes on it is if we lose to Northwestern the week before.
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Easy Tibs. For all you know it's doctors' orders that put older Bucks between the sheets early. And, btw, they may hit the sack to get an early start on their daily ration of poon. So, there's probably a lot you younger people don't know about such stuff.

Besides, those oldsters are up at the crack of dawn...probably look'n forward to hitt'n the sack early again.

And besides, that old filousifer Socrates said: "Nothing good happens after 8p.m." Heck, that's why the Greeks fold it up early all the time.
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From 1460 The Fan:


College football, Buckeyes are enjoying their bye week after their first road win at NC State.* Start times have arrived for some future contests.* The Bucks next game against Northwestern on October 2nd will kick-off at 9pm.* The following week against Wisconsin will be a 3:30 start.* You can of course catch all the games on 1460 The Fan.
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