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Will the twelfth man come up big?


We all know that Wisky's QB is a potential achilles heel for Alvarez and that tOSU is likely to stack against the run and make him beat us through the air.

So... there is actually something the fans can do to help win this game. Scream. If you're in the stadium Saturday, rattle Wisky with the loudest, most raucous crowd noise they've ever encountered. Holler, at the top of your lungs, every time Wisky's QB is over center. Deafen him, make his audibles impossible, throw his passing timing off, force a few offensive off sides penalties and inspire our defense. Go home hoarse.

The twelfth man can be a player Saturday -- an extra defender against their offense, and a shot of performance enhancers for the Buckeye offense. If you're there, be the twelfth man ...and come up big!

[similar to a post on another thread -- apologies if you saw that one]
I got last minute tickets in A deck so I will be yelling as loud as I can all through the game and especially when Wisconsin is at 3rd and long or 3rd and anything.
I am SO PUMPED !!!! JUstin Zwick will have a breakthrough game (I can dream!!)
Its going to happen sooner or later... why not this game !!!

COMON BUCKEYES come out like RABID NUTS !!! Crack some heads!! :pissed:

:osu2: Its Great to be a BUCKEYE !!! :osu2:
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OSU has a score to settle with this team. The history of this team and OSU has always been great but its been heating up these past 10 years and too top it off their Fans have become even more radical and mean with the "marshmellogate" and the throwing of batteries and some incidents of last year with our player (we don't talk about that) ... ANYWAYS WE HAVE GOT TO BEAT THIS TEAM !!! My father-in-law was born and bread in Wisconsin. Last time OSU did not do well I was in hell for a whole year listening to him boast about his team! I CANNOT LIVE like that another year :pissed:
I will be at the game and screaming my head off in cheers for my beloved BUCKEYES !!!! I wanna see RaBId Buckeye NUTS out there and Fans so loud that your ears HURT !!! IF I see one lame family out there at that game talking on a cellphone about the groceries I will GO INSANE !!! ALL BUCKEYES NEED TO FOCUS !!! I wish Speilman could be on the sidelines smashing any slackers coming off the feild .. BAM !!! Now get back in there and do BETTRER !!!! GO BUCKEYES !!! My hands are shaking I am so pumpED !!! DAMNIT WE HAVE TO WIN !!! I want AJ too tackle Barry Alvarez if he happens to catch an overthrown ball towards his sidelines !!!! Well ok Clarity, maybe thats too far but it would be NICE !!!! haha
Ok Dihard I am all better now ... whew I need some valuum or I will never sleep tonight .. I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS WIN !!! :pissed: :yow1:
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The Shoe will roar today. I'll be there, and I have never witnessed an Ohio State loss firsthand.

Today will not be the first loss that I witness in the Shoe.

This crowd better be ready to fucking rock!!!!!!! I can feel the electricity surrounding this one, revenge on two fronts today. One for the loss last week, and the other for the loss to Wisconsin last year.

Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"These 3:30 starts kill me because I yell all day"

The 3:30 starts are great...More time for kegs and eggs...then more time at Heiney Gate...Then a game under the lights (well part of it)....then no delay in hitting the bars after an Ohio State win over Wisconsin!

And remember your voice will come back by next Saturday.
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