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Wich is better for recruiting, A great player or a NC ?


Does a Trophy encourage kids to look at your school more than a big time player who wen't to the NBA ? Kids wan't to win but they also wan't a shot at the league.

If you were being recruited and one school has won several NC's and are set to make a good run for another during the time you would be there if you chose them, but they don't have hardly any alumni in the NBA, could you choose them vs a school who chokes during the NCAA'S but has many big time players in the league?

I guess it would depend on your agenda. Some guy's dream of winning the tourney while others are more concerned with there future after college. I think most kids would go with the team that produces the NBA types because they believe there presence will change there history of choking. They want to bring a much awaited trophy. Be a savior so to speak.