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Why Isn't the Browns Game Televised in Columbus?


Be water my friend.
Cleveland is a glorified high school team. They are not going to win another game.

Pittsburgh and Roethlisburger are hot right now and they happen to be playing a local team who also sucks: Cincinnatti.

This is more about Pittsburgh being on than Cincy.

I"m a Browns fan, by the way, and I'd like to thank the network for sparing me having to watch that terrible team this week.
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Earned, not Given
bucknuts44820 said:
Being a Browns fan, it sucks they arent on, but lets face it....they suck. I dont know if its a black out issue or not.....probably just the network picking a better game...cincy vs pitts.
The problem is the other networks are showing either Dallas vs. Ravens or Vikings vs. another team at 1. We're getting the shaft.
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The Man In The Box
'14 Bowl Upsets Champ
i wish i could've gotten the bengals/steelers game.... i live right outside findlay, the home of ben roethlisberger, and the toledo networks decide to air a meaningless game between the browns and jets.. i know the browns are the "favs" around here, but give me a freaking break
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