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Why is Dubya too scared to testify?


One of the more puzzling things is how George Bush is running away from the 9/11 commissions. First of all, he never wanted it started in the first place, then when he realized that was politically a very stupid thing to do, he embraced it but doesn't want to testify. He is making all sorts of stipulations about how long he will testify, who he will testify to. His minions including CandyCane Rice don't want any part of it. Meanwhile, Al Bore and ClinTon are willing and able to give their 2 cents. Why? The Republican stooges in the country would have you believe that Dubya did everything right and this whole mess is ClinTon's fault. I'm surprised that they haven't tried to rewrite history and tell us that the Florida election debacle went on so long that Dubya didn't get inaugurated until September 10, 2001. The Republican stooges say they don't want Dubya to testify because his responses will be used against him in the election. Yeah, and they won't use Bore and ClinTon's words to say, "See...this is what will happen when Kerry is in the white house!!!!"
Personally, I have a feeling that whatever ClinTon's faults in attacking Al Qaida, he at least recognized the threat they projected. His aides told CandyCane Rice what they knew, but she and the administration ignored most of it and were much more interested in finding excuses to attack Iraq. I don't think Dubya even mentioned "terrorism" before 9/11.
Isn't the findings from the commission not to be released, per DUHbya's edict, until March 2005? Another curiosity in the "too scared" files.

And I agree Tibs, this administration didn't listen to anything the previous administration had to say about terrorism and the threat of Osama. From day 1, DUHbya wanted any reason whatsoever to invade Iraq. It took the unfortunate events of 9/11 to wake up the administration and also give them the bag of lies for which the Iraq invasion was based.

"The Republican stooges in the country would have you believe that Dubya did everything right and this whole mess is ClinTon's fault."

This line of yours Tibs is true of way too many items!
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While he is answering the commission's questions, perhaps he could explain why on August 15, 2002, his brother Neil received $2 million worth of stock in a Chinese semiconductor company that is managed by the son of the Chinese premier. Why would Neil give advice to China on matters of computer technology that may very well effect US national security interests? Wasn't this charge made against Clinton with respect to sales of computer equipment that somehow landed in China? Or, if the President is really for creating good US jobs, why is his brother setting up shop in China?

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lightning - Damn good question!! Too many people don't know things like this. Maybe we need to have true balance in the media instead of the bend to the conservative side that exists. Where is the anti-Rush Bimbo to blather away 3 hours each day on the radio?
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Politics are dirty... Clinton and his cronies did the same thing... the bulk of them are crooks IMO.


Outside of Columbus, I think it is safe to say the media tends to be liberal biased... where do you get conservative biased (the Dispatch is not "the media")...
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Outside of Columbus, I think it is safe to say the media tends to be liberal biased...

Yeah, real liberal media. The liberal media that asked Bush all those questions in 2000 about his national guard "appearance" and blatantly ignored Bore's lies about inventing the internet. :!
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gbear - I think that it has been a myth for at least 8 years that there is a liberal bias in the media. I can't prove it is a myth, just like it can't be proven that there is a liberal bias. It is based only on my observations. One observation is that the media has given DUHbya a free pass for too long. I guess that I could ask you where do you get that the media has a liberal bias? (Honest question gbear) It seems that ever since Watergate, I have heard that the media has a liberal bias.
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Another issue that I believe is fair game is the President's Leave No Child Behind policy. I wonder whose interests were looked after in formulating this policy that has so burdened the States with mandatory costs and no revenue to fund those costs? Here is brother Neil to the rescue again:


This part of the article is most interesting:

"Neil Bush said his goal is to break even in three years and dominate the middle-school market within seven years. He also is open to being a partner with a textbook, telephone or cable TV company that could expand the reach of his product."
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Frankly don't know where I picked that impression up.

It's well known the Dispatch has a conservative bias. Most liberals are all about free speach, where as the conservatives tend to like some issues (ie family values type things) to be oppresed for the "saftey of children blah, blah, blah"... media outlest think they can print/air what they want and don't want censorship... that is the basic premise...

I am a conservative... moderate though. I am pro abortion (would never want my wife/family/friends/anybody else to have one, however who am I to tell somebody that they can not do that, if they so choose... heck, if it was illegal, we'd have young ladies getting killed by folks sticking hangers up them to abort the kid, and accidently kill the girl as well... not something I'd like to see happen), pro gun control (don't like guns period... they were created to kill, I'd like anything like that out of peoples hands), pro freedom of speach (say what you want... if you slander somebody then pay a high fine... no way should we censor what folks are saying unless it is in regards to killing folks or things like that), pro gay rights (why do I get preffered treatment to healthcare because I am a male and happen to preffer females... if I liked males why should things be different... these are free, tax paying amerians, that deal with the same issues as everybody else... why treat them differently), pro freedom of religon (just because I'm a christian doesn't mean others should be forced to accept my beliefs)...

Not exactly a diehard conservative (I'll not discuss what I am in favor of, because most folks don't share my "harsh" stance on other issues)...
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one....the dispatch is as conservative as you get.....the wolf's own cbus and are as right-wing as you get....

two....agree on one hand that we want to know the facts about 9/11....but....it has been 41 years since JFK and it isnt public......

i want to know, but i dont if it in any way harms the usa.....kinda like dragons practice reports......
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gbear - By today's standards, you look more left of center than right of center:). Everything you listed, and your parenthetical comments, are almost lock step with mine. And the far right doesn't like that!

Out of curiosity on what you stand for that others may find harsh, I'd would be curious to see it. Send me a PM if you think it would be too inflamatory here.
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Those are basically the only liberal issues that I agree with (might have left one out, but that is about it). Here is a small list of some of my more conservative thoughts... warning, this will prob. stir the nest a little bit

I don't like welfare (at least in it's present form... I'd give folks two passes, each pass is good for six months, and them no more... if you have kids, they get taken away and the gov. will care for them. When you get back on your feet, you get the kids back... also no additional money for kids... no reason to give folks an incentive to have kids when they can not care for themselves).

I would change umemployment to two months... after that you are on your own. I would also not let you collect if you have not been at your job for at least a year, and you can only collect one time (two months) every five years... I know way too many people that abuse the system, and we (the ones that work) pay for it.

I want a big military to protect me... I have no problem sending $$$ to the military... without them we would not enjoy liberty as we know it.

I would mandate a year of military service for every american that physically can do a job (both guys, gals, straight, bie)... we need to teach disipline and honor in our youth (and many adults for that matter).

I am totally against a socialized health care plan... currently there is a huge $$$ incentive to develope blockbuster new drugs and to find cures for current medical problems. with a socialized system the incentive is out the door, PERIOD! Look at the communist's work ethic, if you disagree.

I want the trademark/copyright of medicines to be seven years, then fall off to all generics (the creator can have their as well, however they would need to drop the price to the generics to be competitive)... right now there are loopholes that extend this.

The generic drugs should be cheap (cap them if you have to). It is seven year old technology, and the cost is simply the ingrediants... this would help to make meds more affordable for the poor (granted they would only have access to seven year old drugs, but that is better than nothing).

People are not entitled to healthcare... it is a business not a right... if you can not afford insurance or the cost of healthcare, find somebody who will pay for it or move along... (again if my drug program was put in place they could at least have the older drugs to help them)... also, basic medical service should be available to all children PERIOD (a kid should not be punished if his/her parent doesn't have insurance... once they hit 18, or graduate from highschool (whichever is longer), they are on their own... well in the military for a year or more, then on their own)

I am for free trade, if somebody can make it cheaper, you better find a nitch to differenciate (sp) yourself or get out of the way.

I don't think the gov. is efficient, the less they control the better IMO

For those that can not support themselves have a federal program to take care of them. Make it institutional living, that is not that great, however do take care of the folks. (read, don't give them money, force them to live in the instition, that will help to keep the fakes out).

If you sell illegal guns you should get the death penalty... If you sell highgrade drugs you should get the death penalty(pot, and shrooms are ok in my book, fine them and move along... crack, coke, acid, exdocy(sp), meth., etc should be the death penalty)... If you kill a person, you should get the death penalty (not sit on death row for twenty years)... white collar crime should have severe fines (if caught three or so times you should get the death penalty). No reason for life sentences (if you get a life sentence, you should get the death penalty)... I think that would help to solve our prison problem (also no tv's in jail, and have them work everyday... heck build a factory in the prison. Do not pay them for the work, the earnings will help to offset the cost of the prison).

Stop all unions. They do nothing but cost money, which is passed down to the consumer.

those are a few off the top of my head... as you can tell, I am pretty harsh on some of the topics. And alot of it isn't very PC... raised by tough love, and live the same way... people need to take responsibility for their actions! 99% of the folks can work, many choose not to. I can not stand people who can work, and don't because of some "big brother" plan.

I would also like to see some sort of system that makes kids study. Keep them in school longer, don't let them play sports if they don't maintain a 2.5 GPA, pay kids a small paycheck if they get a 3.0, more for 3.5, more for 4.0 (school is basically their job, so why not pay them a little bit of money if they do their job). Anybody outside of lawenforcement who brings a gun to a school should also be put to death. Guns in schools is uncalled for... again these kids are not responsible for their actions.
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Wow, gbearbuck after duking it out in the Kerry/Bush dialogue, I would never have thought that we were as close in thinking to each other as we are.

I agree with all of the pro positions that you articulated. I would be more liberal though in terms of how much military is enough and how much government is enough. Although, there is fat to trim in government and they can be more efficient, including the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.

I believe that a healthy society and an educated society is a working society and I believe that managed health care programs are greatly to blame for the tremendous increase in costs.

I also believe in fair trade as opposed to free trade....
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