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Who was on camera at the N/C Fiesta bowl.


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Lets have some fun here Okay? As many times that i have watched the 2003 Fiesta Bowl and watching Ohio State rip Miami's heart out of thier chest, I look back at all the delerious fans and thier Joy of a dream coming true. I was not there and should have been but what a tremendous feeling it must have been. One that we all will never forget Huh?

Here is my question - How many of you were on ABC cameras during the game and who were you. That would be neat to go back and look at it again after you tell us where we can locate you during some particular outstanding parts of the game. This may be a dumb thread to start but I just had to at least give it a try.
Well Buckem thanks for the only soul response to this apparent failed thread that i thought would generate some interest in hoping to get some unusual posts but i see that its obvious now, that alot of us here in BuckeyePlanet were not on camera as I thought. Anyway I tried........
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One of my former co-workers was on camera for a good 5-7 seconds, with his friends and family. Of course, his father owns my company, and just happens to be good friends with whoever is in charge of ABC sports, so that helps.
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My boss is the guy holding up the newspaper just after the first commercial break following the victory. He is Dr. Christopher Kaeding the then team surgeon and starting this year he will be the team physician, taking over for Dr. Lombardo. It is perhaps the most classic snapshot of the entire post-game. That and Tim Anderson embrassing a beat up Ken Dorsey.
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Mililani was there...

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