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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
You've got to be kidding me. Just go get laid already......

Hold me.....

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- It's not about sex and all about the touchy-feely experience of snuggling up to perfect strangers wearing pajamas.

The grab fests are called cuddle parties, and since they started in New York in February, hundreds of people have paid $30 each to touch and embrace others in intimate gatherings.

Everyone needs to be cuddled, especially in lonely New York, say creators Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, who say it's a good way to meet new and interesting people.

But the rules are clear. The PJs stay on the whole time.

In case things get too steamy, a small chime is kept on hand. Before the cuddling begins, the chime is struck several times so everyone gets the message.

"We've never used it," said Mihalko, who said sexual arousal does occur.

The idea for cuddle parties loosely came about after Mihalko, a 14-year masseur, began giving massages to other masseurs who never got the chance to receive them.

Signs that people need to be touched were brought home one day when Mihalko said he noticed a woman bawling from the emotional release that a massage provided her at an outdoor stand in midtown Manhattan.

"It started out as a joke," Baczynski said. "Now we talk about cuddling all the time. It's just been amazing."

Curiosity is a big driver for people who attend cuddle parties, and it is a better way to meet people than going to a bar, getting drunk and spending the night with someone just because of the need for some affection, she said.

A cuddle party is really about communication and not therapy, say the organizers.

Before any touching begins, participants gather in a circle to hear the rules and voice any questions or concerns. The first rule is that the event is not clothing optional, pajamas must stay on and sex is not permitted.

Participants team up into pairs, and to ensure the boundaries of what is permissible are clear, they practice saying "no" to the question, "May I kiss you?"

An introduction to cuddling ensues, first by hugging three people. People then get in a circle on their hands and knees, rub shoulders and moo like cows. After a bit of swaying, everyone falls to their side, which puts them into an easy cuddling position.

Cuddle parties are intended for people who are emotionally sound. People in therapy or who are seeing a mental health professional are asked to consult their doctor before signing up for a party and to tell organizers of their situation.

One group on an overcast Sunday drew a mix of mostly single people in their 30s and a smattering of older people.

A repeat customer who called herself a born-again Christian said it was good to cuddle up to another person, albeit a perfect stranger, after a hectic week.

"I felt good. I had a particularly stressful week," said the woman, who did not wish to be named.

Friends had warned her that the parties would be nothing more than thinly disguised preludes to sex, but she dismissed those worries as alarmist and unfounded, saying, "It's not about sex."

Like others, the chance to meet someone was a consideration in attending a cuddle party.

"People in a way are looking for a connection," Fernando said. "It's weird, but not unusual."

A man named Dwayne H., who described himself as introverted, said he thought the parties would help him relax before strangers and help him express his feelings.

"I have a problem showing emotion," he said.
Dude, I had a chickie back at the ol' Sloopy pad this past Friday. We got done about 3AM, and she belts out, "Can you take me home? I want to sleep in my own bed."

I was so pumped you have no idea .. sex without cuddling and getting to sleep alone afterwards is the closest thing to having your cake and eating it too as it comes.
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Tibbs: "wonder what Brent's come on lines are?"

Tibbs, I don't know if you ever heard this before, but Brent's son went to O.U. at the same time we were at OSU, and rumor had it that he got a ton of ass in Athens. Apparently, chicks dig the true voice of College Football.

Also, Wayne Fontes' nephew lived in Smith Hall the same time I did, and he got plenty of ass for being a relative of a pseudo-celebrity. This one is hard for me to figure out, though. I guess he carried a pic of his Uncle to Coed's and Joe's (a la George Costanza) to pull the chicks.


I also do play by play during sex, but some chicks don't like that very much. And, when I need to take a 20, I just kick it back to our good buddy John Saunders in Times Square.
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i read it, and now i'm judging

all the drawbacks of being with somebody without any of the benefits, like sex....sign me up. what a bunch of freaks. seriously, any guy that goes to this needs to hand in his balls at the door. here are the 'rules' per their website....


Pajamas stay on the whole time.
No SEX. (Yep, you read that right.)
Ask for permission to kiss or nuzzle anyone. Make sure you can handle getting a no before you invite or request anyone to cuddle or kiss.
If you're a yes, say yes. If you're a no, say no.
If you're a maybe, say NO.
You are encouraged to change your mind from a yes to a no, no to a yes anytime you want.
Communicate, communicate, communicate.
If you're in a relationship, communicate and set your boundaries and agreements BEFORE you go to the Cuddle Party. Don't re-negotiate those agreements/boundaries during the Cuddle Party. (Trust us on this one.)
Get your Cuddle Life Guard On Duty or Cuddle Caddy if there's a concern, problem, or question or should you feel unsafe or need assistance with anything during the Cuddle Party.
Crying and giggling are both welcomed and encouraged.
Outside of your personal relationships, it's nobody's business who you cuddle, so please be respectful of other people's privacy when sharing with the outside world about Cuddle Parties.
Arrive on time.
Be hygienically savvy.
Clean up after yourself.
Always say thank you and practice good Cuddle Manners.
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