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Who should play? Coaches versus Fans


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There have been a lot of thread started the past few weeks suggesting changes in PT. I thought it would be worthwhile to explore the different processes that coaches and fans use in making these decisions.


After recruiting an athlete (a lengthy process that deserves its own thread) start them in a conditioning program and get them learning the playbook.
Monitor their strrength, speed, quickness, etc.
Monitor how well they know their assignments on every play - not just an end run, fly pattern, or single coverage assignment. (Something the average fan only sees a small sample of on Saturday afternoons.)
Monitor how well a RB blocks - not just how he runs. Monitor how well a QB reads the D - not just his arm strength. (And so on for every position.)
Monitor their progress in the classroom (generally a complete unknown outside the program).
Monitor their attitude (generally a complete unknown outside the program).
Consider discipline issues (the vast majority of which are unknown outside the program).
Consider the level of peformance of each athlete compared to other athletes at similar positions for 85 scholarship and 20 walk-on athletes.
Consider their endurance and how well they would hold up over the course of an entire game.
Consider how well a particular skill set fits within what you are trying to accomplish in a team context.
Consider the health of the athlete. Not just the season ending broken leg, but the nagging groin pull that is unknown outside the program.

Print out a copy of the roster.
Run your finger down the list of names until you find someone who isn't playing.
Go to the Insiders database and find out how many stars he was rated based on his performance through his Junior year in HS.
If he was 3 or more stars start a thread saying he should start.
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I was just thinking about starting a thread that simply said, "Wahhh, Wahhh, Wahhh, Wahhhh." Most threads these days (on the other boards, mostly) are just "wahhhhhhhh wahhh whining". I hate whining.
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