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Who gets offered at the 2003 camp?


Staff member
Since today is the first of ten days of camp (see calender), I am curious as to who you think gets offered. No doubt there will be some suprises along the way so let's see a list.
Mine (really who might commit when offered):
Incarnato (if he shows)
Ferguson (I hope)
LB Bob Miller
I also hope to see an offer extended to Ferguson before the end of camps. He has a ton of upside and in the right situation he will be a great back.

Offensive linemen follow him. I would like to see a few Big Uglies offered and possibly accept. I understand that we are in line for some 5 star lineman and we may need to wait but I feel conifidant the Tressel and Bollman will get the guys that they need to create a great offensive line for the future.
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Nice get by the Bucks in Steve Rhering(sp), huh? Do you think Ferguson may be in trouble for a spot, or do you think Tress is holding a scollie for him, pending the season?

Now we need M.M to commit. He's an excitng player. That Buchtel at harding game is going to be a great game to be attending.
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Brutus to tell you the truth I'm surprised Rhering was offered, but the coaches saw him up close and he has lost some weight, so I'm sure they know what they are doing. I think there is more to the Ferguson story then we are hearing. I hope he gets offered a scholly but that may just be wishful thinking.

I'm VERY surprised he didn't get an offerand as you can see I'm 0-fer
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