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Which Redshirt Frosh DT is scarier, with scarier hair?


keeping tan
These dudes do not look like they're 20.

I saw these pictures and at first, I was like WO... and then I had to crack up kind of because these dudes both look like they're 36 years old. I want to see birth certificate verification because they both look a lot older than me.

1st Maupin has the Ben Wallace "Undone" look
2nd Cotton has the wake up and "Eat Warren Sapp's Breakfast" look.

If you haven't looked at the pictures already, see for yourself.
nice commentary slick. got me laughing.

me and my friends always thought timmy anderson looked like he was 36 too. we used the exact same 36 number and everything and it wasn't a tribute to spielman or anything like that either. i guess that is where you start to look old or something.
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I saw Don King the other day. He lives pretty close to me (one of his houses). I wasn't paying attention, just driving back from a long day at the office, then the grocery store, coming down US1/Federal HWY from Lantana Publix and I'm almost home and I see a Bentley at the Hypoluxo Rd US1 intersection. I'm going south. New Navy Bentley, no big deal, going north. See them all the time. At the last second I look over as I pass there's that Wavy mess and these giant Coke Bottle lenses looking right back at me like some giant bug just sitting there stopped at the green light (or going really, really slow). He looked like he was shocked. But I think he looks like that all the time.
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