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I noticed today that even though we have a better record than scUM, by 2 games, they still have more ranking points then us. scUM-1 point tOSU-0. I don't think scUM should have any after losing 4 games. We on the other hand, have beaten some teams pretty soundly.
We haven't exactly been playing the hardest schedule (the only tough team has been Crieghton), while Michigan has played #14/#15 Arizona (one point loss), #9/#9 Georgia Tech (31-point road loss), and "Others Receiving Votes" Notre Dame (one point home win). It'll all work out once we get into the Big Ten schedule.
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Agreed. UM is 6-5 ... a 5 loss team in any conference doesn't deserve votes when there are over 90 teams with 2 losses or fewer.

It'll all sort itself out in the next two weeks though.
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