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Where is Heather Lyke???

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Haven't heard much lately from Heather Lyke, the former NCAA investigator and Ohio State Compliance Officer. Seems like she was constantly in the headlines when all this stuff broke last year.

I would have to think that some of the blame for all of these messes would have to be laid at her feet.

Also, I thought her full name was Heather Lyke-Catalano?? I wonder why she dropped the Catalano??? Did she go through a divorce??? That would explain why she has seemingly disappeared while at the same time possibly not minding the store in the Compliance Office.

Is she even around anymore???

Just wondering.


Gave up the ghost
Actually, I thought she changed to Lyke-Catalano when she got married. Anyway, osu.edu lists her as the "Associate Athletic Director", which might be an upgrade from compliance officer, so maybe she's more behind-the-scenes now.
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SoCal, Baby!
How in the world can you blame Heather Lyke for Troy Smith accepting an envelope of cash? How could she even know about such a thing?

I really do not understand this post. Lyke is not the CIA; she is an administrator.
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Well it sounds like she isn't in the same capacity anymore. It seems that last year AG hid behind her in the sense that HL was in control of all compliance issues and that tOSU had the best compliance dept. in the NCAA, etc.

Now she is nowhere to be found. My point is that if she is in charge of compliance and the student-athletes don't seem to be complying, then she should have some explaining to do and possibly have to fall on the sword.
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Walk On
Having Heather Lykes "fall on the sword" won't fix anything if she's not the problem.

All the athletic department can do is preach and educate. They can't live Troy Smith's life for him. I believe that with all the recent problems, Ohio State will emerge as the leading authority on NCAA compliance in the very sleezy 21st century, and other athletic departments will seek out their knowledge. In the end, Ohio State will be seen (rightfully) as the institution doing the MOST to protect amateurism in college athletics.
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Re: Heather

about 7 years ago one of my guys was approached by Kenyon Rambo who lived in UA in a very nice home with a few other players, whcih happened to be across from a condo community my landscape company serviced. I came back to drop off a proposal/bid and as i was leaving he came out with no shirt and a black&mild blunt cigar, said price was cool, i told him he had to sign it to get us to start (mowing, lt. landscaping, etc), he did and that was it, so i thought..
we went entire seaso alomst withot getting paid 1 cent. we sent bill after bill, left phone messages with roomates and on recorder, nothing, week after week.. even stopped by in the fall and met his brother, cool guy. Anyway, make a long story short, I was pissed i was out hundreds of dollars of work, so i called the ohio state ticket officeand left a message saying "hi, i have a problem with a football player not obligating his signed contract and owes us X amount of money that is past due, hope you could help get us in contact with him before we have to go to court, etc".. next day this heather lyke in complience at ohio state calls me back.. she had archie and supposedly even cooper and AG knew about it.. i told them i love the bucks and didnt want to cause any noise, but as a nusiness owner, i expected to be paid for authorized work. we faxed contract and bills and they got me in touch with his mother in Ceritos, Ca. Juanita, nice lady. Kenyon is another story, what a zero.

anyway, i know this heather lyke somewhat and she is was very nice, helpful, and takes it all seriously.

to blame her is ridiculous. these kids are just stupid as rocks sometimes when it comes to judgement.

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buckeyes win, santonio MVP, 2 TDs, 150+ yrds.
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