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Transfer Portal Phenom
  • There hasn't been much talk on this forum about the team. I'm not sure if that is due to lack of interest in basketball or just lack of interest in the current version of the team.

    Where do you go from here with this team? 11-11, 3-6 over halfway through the season. They are certainly not an NCAA team at their current level of play and Saturdays game against MSU confirmed that for me. I think they can at least make the NIT with a few more wins and a good showing in the Big Ten Tourney. I'm not sure they would do much there, but the experience would probably be good.

    I guess until that game, I never realized how slow and weak this team was. They don't know how to switch on defense and aren't quick enough to cover the ball rotation when they do, they don't fight through screens well, and they don't get back on defense. MSU shot so well partly because their shooters were wide open all day.

    The offense is equally as anemic. They aren't good at working the ball into the middle, they weren't moving well with out the ball or setting any screens to get open.

    OB has to be dissapointed in the overall effort of this squad. I just don't see the talent I had expected to see on the floor this year.
    If I were coach:
    Northwestern showed us how to beat Wisc. If, after having
    a week to prepare, we were unable to be at least very com-
    petitive this Sat., then I would start playing everyone. I
    would press the length of the floor the entire game, keep
    rotating the players to keep them fresh, and let them play
    ball. Then if we lost, we would at least be enertaining.
    The morale both with he players AND the coaching staff
    has to be really low right now. That is what I'd want to
    change. Just put on a good show. :gobucks4:
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    A lot of people were pointing to this year for the Bucks being very competitive. I think you're right in your assessment to play everyone. The attitude seems to be very poor and the play is very lackluster.

    I noticed this in the game against PSU too. They had many opportunities early and let them slip away. Once they fell behind they seemed to just go through the motions.

    I'm not seeing any floor leadership out of any of the guards or any of the seniors. That has been a hallmark of OB teams in the past...
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    RAD seems to be trying to be a leader. It's just that none
    of the players are listening. Too many egos, and very
    poor chemistry. OB tried early in the season to adjust the
    attitudes of a few of the players by taking away alot of
    their playing time, but it did no good. :(
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