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Where can I find away game tickets?


I want to go to an away game this season. GBear you must come this season. I have been to Purdue, but that was when they sucked, so I am guessing that one and the NC State games are out. I would go to Northwestern, but that game is going to be borring, and Chicago is expensive. I was thinking that scuM State would be a fun game, or Iowa, but I don't know how hard tickets will be to get.

Anyone else going somewhere, if so where/how do you get tickets? Are these game sold out?
I always check the home teams web site. If you go that route you may want to telll them that you want as close to the OSU section that you can get (unless you go to Northwestern or Indiana... half the stadium is the OSU section), a few years ago I got stuck in the middle of the season tickets holders at Minnesota. It's not a big deal but it's more fun to be around OSU fans. I have also used ebay several times.
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You may want to go to the Minnesota game. I think they are the only Big 10 stadium that sells beer inside the gates. Their fans get VERY annoying though with their M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A, MINNESOTA, MINNESOTA, GOOOOOO GOPHERS.
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