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If you could have been a superstar high school athlete in any sport what sport would it be and where would you choose to go to college?? Besides OSU or in my case ND.

I would choose football at USC playing TB or wrestling at IOWA.
Back in my time Wichita St was hot in baseball but Texas and LSU are prime choices too.

I would have loved playing football but since tOSU is not eligible in this thread, I wouldn't play for anyone else
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I guess I can say I was fortunate in that I was a high school jock and did get many offers to play Division I football.

I was too skinny and slow for OSU.

I went to Marshall and had enough knee surgeries to effectively end my career.

In hindsight I wish I had gone to Miami of Ohio and tried to get in on the legacy of coaches that have passed through there. I enjoy what I do now but I think I would have enjoyed being a college coach at the defensive coordinator level.

I would not have minded ending up as a TV analyst either.
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Obviously football. If I couldn't play at Ohio State, then Penn State and Notre Dame would be my second choices...both are storied programs that are far enough from my home (thinking back when I was in Youngstown) yet close enough to still visit my parents when I wanted. I would not even consider playing for Michigan, ever.
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