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Whats Iowa's Weakness and Strengths. Keys to beating them ??


Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
Since I have not seen Iowa play much I'll ask the "experts" :
:osu:I know they have pretty good Lb's. What are their defensive weaknesses, if any?
:osu:I heard their Offense is not great. How true is that and how do we shut them down ??
:osu:Whats OSU have to do to beat this team? Keys to the game ??
I will never give up, and I will always believe that we can beat anybody, no matter what the record is, if we execute properly and win in the trenches.
They are killing me and I now have a major stock interest in pepto bismol but I love em !!!
I think the keys to winning are on the Offense and if they can execute properly. Our defense may have some hiccups but its more important that our offense matures and becomes so much more consistent. I hope Justin Zwick can slow down the game and find the short routes and that the Offensive line can sustain blocks just a little better. I hope they can have alot more sustaining drives to give our defense more of a rest. This is my Xmas, birthday, Columbus day, New years day wish !!! What a game that would be.
We just have to execute on offense and play D like we have become accustomed to. Our Defense can keep them below 20. Our offense has to execute and make plays. We can't rely on Holmes and Ginn to return punts all day. The Oline has to win the battle up front. Zwick has to prove he can be accurate and not so damn skittish.

Having Fox back in the lineup will help. He senior leadership has been missed these last few games. Youboty is going to be a great corner for us. The PI call on him Saturday was horseshit. But Fox is a sure tackler and good leader. The defense will look better with him on the field.

If we continue to mix up our playcalling and rotate the backs like we did Saturday, we can move the ball. This team has to come out and show some life this week. A road win at Kinnick would do wonders to restoring some confidence and getting healthy.

With D'Animal out for the season, we will now spend most of our time in that standard 4-3 cover 2. And teams will exploit the middle as Schlegel is not the best coverman at MLB. The Nickel package is killing us on 3rd and long. Something needs to be done to stop the seam routes and shit that keep burning us. Whitner needs to wrap up when he tackles.
Snyder has his hands full.

We have to drop the "Don't screw up the three" mentality and concentrate on getting in the endzone. This team has an embarassment of talent on the field. Tressel's staff (Jim included right now) are doing less with more talent than Mack Brown.
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The preview will be up tomorrow. Their offense is decimated...they have lost their top 3 taibacks for the season. This game may go to OT 0-0, unlessw e can get a turnover at the 45, get 9 yards, and have Nuge kick a 53 yarder to win.
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Well Their QB, is quick so we need to Contain him. With Fox back it should be huge with him covering Ed Hinkle there only true Receiver. Their Running attack is worst in the Big Ten and I believe worst in the NCAA. Thats all due to their running back out for the season with an injury. Over all Ohio State's Defense SHOULD be able to put up good numbers.

When we have the ball we're going to see alot of passing. I say this because or Arizona State, and the way they exploited that Defense. With Greeneway, Hodge, and the two defensive lineman they got it should be tough going on the ground. For Sure I thought the same thing about the Wisconsin defense and I thought we ran the ball better than expected!

I think this game we need to come out and use all 3 of the backs and do different array of things like sweeps, dives, quick pitch, options, draws...... get them to come up on us then blow by them with Holmes, Ginn, and Childress. The deep ball isn't working any more because teams figured out that we don't particularly like to run the ball and instead just throw it. We need to use our running game with Pittman, Joe, and Ross to get them to come up and THEN get them over top.

On Defense we just need to get after it, plain and simple.
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The key to beating Iowa, and I am affraid to say this, is the ability to run the ball somewhat effectively. If they can tee off on Zwick we are done. If they know they don't have to worry about the run we will get killed. We must find a way to run the ball. The problem is they are very good at stoping the run.

Running the ball allows us to rest our defense so they don't wear down like I believe they did vs. Wisky, and keep there pass rushers honest. If we can do that then Holmes, Bam, and Hall should be able to beat their secondary. That will be the key to victory. Nothing more nothing less. This is an old fashion Big Ten game like Wisconsin was. If we can run the ball and stop the run we will win.

Their keys look the same.
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osu needs to utilize the middle of the field on offense.

wiscy basically did two things on defense all day. they moved the lb's up close to the line on 1st and 2nd downs, and played them deep on 3rd down passing situations. the middle of the field from 5-10 yards out was open most of the day. even in our 4 and 5 wide sets it was left unguarded.

the pass to hall was the only pass over the middle thrown last week. that needs to change.
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I have not gone back over the tape of the OSU vs. Wisconsin game but I don't remember them stacking the box and still getting pressure on OSU's QB. I sure hope the protections is there against these Iowa linebackers and FINALLY our Offense has a break out game no matter who is at QB (haha I will never debate that again) ...
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if we don't have a pass rush, we could be miserable... they literally are onto their 4th string RBs... so they can't have a running game... they will have to live and die by the air...

current starting RB wasn't even ON the depth chart coming out of spring... and he has 21 carries to date...
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I watched Iowa against Michigan.

The Hawkeyes seemed to be their own worst enemy on offense (i.e. turnovers and penalties).

Sounds boring, but (1) don't make mistakes on offense, (2) take advantage of their mistakes on defense, (3) run the ball for 200 yars.

If we do the above, we can blow them out by 10 points.
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Keep an eye out for the Iowa preview coming out today or tomorrow. I have pretty much highlighted what will go on with Iowa's defense. They have a weak secondary and have only picked off 3 passes so far this season, with 2 of them coming from one of their LB's. They are solid along the defensive line, and have a quality set of LB's. Their secondary is the weakness even though they return 3 starters from last season.
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nothing wrong with throwing on 3rd and 1. people only whine about such things when you don't convert. when you do its a great call! you really do have to pass to open up the run. i don't see us being able to run against anyone until they let us.
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