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What's At Your Tailgate


Transfer Portal Phenom
  • Now that game week is here, it is time to think tailgate menu. Who's cooking what? Even if your not going to the game what will be on for eats during the game?

    Me personally, I am a tradionalist. I am always partial to a good butcher store bratwurst pre soaked in beer, of course, and grilled to perfection over a charcoal fire. I also enjoy a hearty sweet & sour been dish made with Bush's beans and some ground beef cooked in. Ice cold Molson goes quite nicely as the drink of choice.

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    Brats, baby. All the way. Slap two of those bad boys on a big kaiser roll with plenty of mustard, and you're good to go. And of course, beer. Maybe some Yuengling Lager. Man, I'm ready for Saturday!
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    It's too early for the Chili and Jumbalaya to get started.

    Now it is simply:

    Stadium dog, with stadium mustard, with onions and relish.
    Beer (preferably Coors Light or the silver bullet)
    Bloody mary's (it's and early game when you are and usher)
    I personally also have always been a fan of mustard potato salad. If anyone is going to have a menu like this please invite me.

    The sad thing is I probably will not have my victory cigar this week.
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    LoKY - where are you watching the game Saturday? I'm going to the BW's in Brandon - you should come too. The owner is an OSU alum, and they just opened this location in the summer - I'd like for it to be known as a gathering spot for local OSU fans...
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    I have no idea where I will watch the game.... if at all. I 'm working all day starting at 930am and I'm not sure if I can get away for the game. The Sarasota Alumni Club meets at Capt'n Curts in Siesta Key for the games. That's fairly close to where I work so I might be able to drive over for some of the game. BW's in Brandon wouldn't be bad if I didn't have to work. I'll keep it in mind if I ever get a Saturday off :(
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    It's not sold in Ohio. You have to make a run for the border if you want some. :(

    These are the states where it is distributed:

    New Jersey
    New York
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
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    OSUsushichic said:
    It's not sold in Ohio. You have to make a run for the border if you want some. :(
    Damn. A friend of mine used to bring cases back with her when she went home...good stuff. I always get asked where to buy it when I go to the store by my house, so I assumed it was sold somewhere :(, though admittedly, its always the same story "I was on campus visiting a friend and drank this, but now I can't find any"...it really has happened to me five or six times, unbelieveable
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