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What you guys do to Bucknuts?

Yes, there is another thread on this topic. You CAN access insider front pages and related pages ... it just seems to be the message boards that are down. My guess is software being upgraded or software "glitch" only affecting the message board portion of insiders.

BTW, anyone think it's odd that only the members of BuckeyePlanet are unable to connect to Bucknuts? Oh my God, we've ALL been banned! :biggrin:
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Anytime now there will be Cane and scUM posters poppin up !

Don't worry... Mililani will come out with guns blazing so they won't be here long.
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Here's a quote from the main page of Bucknuts:

"The Bucknuts.com message boards are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please check back again soon as all boards will be back up as soon as possible."
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