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What will Ohio State do to stop Wisconsins Running game ?? Keys to this game ??


Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
> If OSU can stop Wisconsins' run game, that will be a start to winning this
game in the Shoe. How does OSU stop their run game effectively ??

> Has Wisconsins' QB's proven that he can win a game all on his own yet?

> What offensive gameplan will be effective against this very agressive and
good Defense ??

I personally think if our O-line sustains their blocks and get most all their assignments and gives Justin Zwick just a little more time that he will have a very good game. I am not as worried about our defense even though they have a few things to improve on. The talent is there. I do hope our D-line steps up a little better though and the ends read a little better.
> What offensive gameplan will be effective against this very agressive and
good Defense ??
I believe Tressel was overheard saying this about the offensive game plan.

"After many hours of extensive film evaluation and game planning amongst all of the coaching staff we have determined that the best offensive game plan for (insert any team with any style of defense) is to run the same 5-8 plays we always run. We think they will work against them":biggrin:
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As in most games we have to stop the run (ie anthony davis) and be able to run the ball effectively, dont need huge runs, just enough to keep them honest and stay out of third and long.

We have to win the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball, I am confident we can limit davis, but our O line will have to play better than they have shown to date, in order for us to move the ball.

It will be a field position game, if we dont turn the ball over, we win...its that simple.

:gobucks3: :gobucks4:
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In all honesty, I really do not know what to expect from Wisky. Sure they have the number one ranked defense, but take a look at who they have played so far

Central Florida 0-4
UNLV 1-4
Arizona 1-3 The only Road game so far and struggled to win 9-7
Penn State 2-3
Illinois 2-3
Total 6-17

To me they are totally unproven. If you take a look at the offenses of any of these teams they suck. They are starting a new QB as well, If we can force their QB to make some plays we will be in good shape.
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defensively, make wiscy beat you throwing the ball. blitz like hell and rattle the qb. anytime wiscy is in 3rd and 6 or more, advantage osu.

offensively, come out in the spread formation and try to establish some quick hitting high percentage pass plays. then, and i cannot stress this enough, run out of the formations where the pass has been effective.

osu doesnt try to mask its intentions offensively at all. this team is too young, and doesnt have the talent at rb or on the OL to not mask its intentions.
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That tells me that we can stack the box to stop the run and force them to pass where they are likely to make mistakes.
I agree, and with a new QB we could likely get after him enough to rattle him. Let our secondary do their jobs if Wisconsin tries to throw, and stack it up front to jump on A. Davis.
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Erm, the keys to this game are our keys to every game.

<begin tressel="" speach="">/Begin Tressel Speach/

Make Wisconsin One dimensional, then stop that dimension.

Avoid turnovers and costly mistakes.

Run the ball effectively. (not likely)

Win by 2 points in triple overtime with something called the forward pass.

/End Tressel Speach/

<end tressel="" speach=""></end></begin>
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ExHawg posted this a few days ago. I thought it was very instructive and insightful. And, this could work. Check out the Flex X.

"Personally I think JT is going to make use of the defense that he ran at YSU to counter the run. It's called Flex X and this is what I remember it looking like (it's been several years so my memory might be a little foggy). We did run some of this against K-State last year with Carpenter playing the X. The X plays a 3 tech and lines up at the heals of the DL. This allows him to flow over the top and avoid blocks easier than if they were running straight Bear. The Strong safety (hopefully Salley in this case) lines up as a choke on the TE and covers him if he goes out for a pass. The Mike and Will line up deeper than normal so that they can flow side to side easier. I don't know what coverage you would run out of this but I'm guessing it's man. At YSU JT didn't have better athletes than most of the teams that he went up against so he loaded the box and tried to have too many people to block."

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I agree with what's been said, stuff the run, make their inexperienced QB beat us.

And I hope we spread the field on offense, but we'll need to make quick throws so that Antajj Hawthorne and Erasmus James don't level Zwick very often. What they did to Penn St's QB's wasn't pretty.

And out punt coverage better be solid, or Leonhard will make us pay.

This will be a real battle of field position.
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I said it in another thread and I think the key to the offense clicking this week is to keep Hawthorne out of our backfield. Last year he seemed to be back there on every play.

Oh. And don't bite on the pump'n'go. :(
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