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What was your greatest halloween costume?


Capo Regime
Staff member
I'm on the right...BN27 on the left

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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
I once went as a playboy bunny.

What has always bothered me about it is that my legs looked great. If I cover the picture from the waist up I can still get aroused. That's just sick - and I don't do it very often anymore.
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Screw Blue
we are dressed up today at work here are a few of the good ones...

home made witch costume (girl is HOT and outfit is TIGHT & SMALL)!!

flasher-guy has an overcoat and nothing else (so he says, and im taking his word for it)

James Dean/Greaser -thats me, didnt feel creative this AM

and the best....

our company handbook defines Business Professional Dress (when we are expecting guest) for men as "Jacket and Tie" nothing else!! so the resident smart ass from accounting has a jacket & a tie, he has pj pants, slippers and a tshirt on, very good!!!
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