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What should we look for in the summer league ?


3 1/2 weeks until tip off !

As we seen with JJ last summer, you can't put all of your stock in a guy because of how he plays in the summer league. If you seen the two games that he played against Sylk last summer you would've thought JJ was the next Michael Redd. But outside of those two games, he only had one other good showing all summer. I caught a lot of flack from you fellas last year because I continued to say that JJ didn't impress me much and that Sylk is better. I may not have been completely right but JJ is definately not cut from the same cloth as Redd. I would like to see *JJ shoot the mid range without the hangtime. That would impress me and help me to believe in him more.

It is hard sometimes to get a good feel about these guy's based on the summer league because of the way the game is played, but it is still basketball. So you can tell if jumpshots have improved and if a guy is playing with confidence or not.

The things I'm looking for this summer would be a good comparison between *Billings and *Foster. So far they sound very much alike exept Foster sounds like more of a shooter and I would guess Billings plays a little bigger than Foster. They both are good defenders so I look foward to seeing them on the perimeter defending together at times next season. We should never suffer at the two next season, we're loaded there. If Billings is still improving, it will be hard for anyone to take minutes from him next year. I don't even want *Stockman to play this summer. He was starting to get it last season and I don't wan to erase anything he is learning from Obie.

I'm wondering how *Butler will do under the pressure that pg's play with in the summer league. This is where the battles start in the summer.The little guy's go at it. All of them want to humiliate each other with there handles and this may be one of the spots where defense is actually played in the summer. They will come at Butler and hopefully he can still perform at a high level. If *BFC plays, I just want to see him hit the outside shot at a high percentage. Because even though I think Butler can come in and play well right away, I'd rather see him be the backup for at least half the season. There are things that you learn by watching from the bench and other things you learn by playing. Being the backup gives him both of those things. Less pressure as well.

Twig - He plays a very well coached game. So I think the style of play will be a lot different from what he is used to but I think he has the tools to adjust. I'm telling you this cat can leap and is fearless. He should have a good summer. I can't wait until he shakes up the stereotypes this summer. When they see this cat tomahawk from the dotted line, the gym will erupt ! He will be a favorite this summer.

JJW- I think he is a summer league type of player so he should be fair well. Blocking shots, dunking and snatching boards are his specialty and I expect him to do it all summer. He will probably make a bigger name for himself in the summer than he deserves but it will be fun watching him.

Harris- Will he start playing more inside ? This is the question. Whatever he is going to do, I want to see him stick with it and improve upon it.

I don't think TD, or Sylk can do anything in the summer to change opinions of them. I just want to see them stay healthy.