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What OL do we land this year (2004)?


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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In an attempt to get some dialog going on the recruiting board I thought I would pose this question. I think we take 3 more to go along with Person, Skinner, and Rehring.

Mitchum - I think he's always liked Ohio St. Supposedly he will be in town Saturday. It would be nice for him to see a big win in a rockin Horseshoe.

Byers - I just have a good feeling about Byers. I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't choose the Bucks by any means but he loved his visit and I think Tressel and immediate PT give us an edge.

Toss up between Claude, Zuttah, and Feliciano. If Miami offers I think Claude is probably a Cane. I have exchanged messages with Jeremy Zuttah and he has a genuine interest in Ohio State and really dislikes scUM so that's a plus. Feliciano has mentioned Virginia, Maryland and Ohio State as his favorites. It seems we have a decent shot with him.

I'm thinking Gallimore goes to scUM and Hart goes to South Carolina. Updates on Braxton's progress have not been positive but he's a possibility as well. It's nice to see we are in on so many top lineman. We need em!
I'm not optimistic about Byers. I think he ends up at USC.

Mitchum I think will be a Buckeye. Zuttah... gut feeling says he will too. Gallimore, really at this point it is tough to say. His father seemed to favor OSU, and he is visiting tTUN on 11/22. I'll go out on a limb and say he's a Buck in the end.

Claude, I think he stays in-state and plays with his friends. He's already starting to waiver it seems. Feliciano, I don't think he leaves the coast. Hart won't leave the region.

Braxton, very tough to say. I haven't seen an update on him in 3-4 months. I don't like the reports I'm hearing though concerning his work ethic and supposed regression this year. In the end, I wouldn't be surprised if he went south. My guess is Georgia, or maybe even South Carolina if they try to recruit his buddy Delbert too.

In the end, I think we get Mitchum for the DL, Gallimore and Zuttah for the OL, and one surprise player that nobody really has focused on.

BTW, how did you start conversing with Zuttah? And why does he hate um so much... situation with his brother, or what?
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I started a thread during the summer about Zuttah because in it he mentioned he liked Ohio State and the one school he said he wouldn't go to was scUM. He sent me a private message and told me if I had any questions about him I could just message him. We've been exchanging messages ever since. He's a really bright, friendly kid. I don't think his family thinks scUM treated his brother very well but I haven't pressed the issue with him by any means. He basically lets me know how his HS team is doing and how his year is going. He's an excellent student and a great player. I don't think he will be able to visit for a game at the Shoe, the one thing I have told him I think he should do just for the experience, but he's pretty sure he will visit after the season.

FWIW, I hope one of us are right about Byers or Gallimore. With Gallimore visiting scUM all the times he has and us only once I don't have a good feeling on him. Byers just doesn't seem like a USC kid to me but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. We land one of the two along with Mitchum, Zuttah, and one other and I will be happy.
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That's good to hear about Zuttah. Who else will provide the main competition? He'd be a great one to get.

I hope you're right about Byers... I just think he may have forgotten his OSU visit by now, as compared to Texas or Southern California in October. He also seemed to change his mind re: taking only 5 visits right after he visited USC. That's why I'm thinking USC is where he wants to go.
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I've read so many updates about Byers but I believe he said he was visiting all 8 schools in his final list and the ones he didn't visit officially he would visit unofficially. You could be right about USC. I suppose we will find out soon enough. Going by his criteria I think we have a good shot. If he's already forgotten about what the atmosphere was like at the Shoe for the Washington game we're probably in trouble. I know Duane has spoken with people about Byers and the visit was a 9.5 out of 10. We'll find out soon enough.

I think Jeremy has an interest in Pitt but he does have questions about the future of the Big East with Miami, Va Tech and BC leaving. NC State, Va Tech, and BC are on his list he has visited Rutgers for a couple games. WIth his brother attending scUM and looking at Stanford you wouldn't think distance would be a factor. I haven't asked him where he's leaning or tried to recommend Ohio State but there is definite interest and I'd be surprised if he didn't visit. I'll root for him wherever he goes because he's a real nice kid.
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I was just thinking about this subject earlier today so I'd like to chime in.

Mitchum - Last I heard we were recruiting as a DT. Not sure if that is still the case but apparently he enjoyed his visit and is a strong possibility to join the Bucks.

Gallimore - I too keep hearing he is leaning to UM. I sure hope that is wrong because I hear very good things about the way this kid plays. Sure would be nice to have him as a Buckeye.

Zuttah - I don't know anything about him other than what BuckNutty has shared.

Feliciano - I don't know much about him either but I believe we are in the top 3.

Pino - I heard he wants to go to school where there is a large polynesian contingent and he didn't make his visit for the UW game. I guess we are out of it.

Hart - I agree he will probably stay in region but we still have a chance.

Claude - Agree that if Miami offers he is theirs.

Byers - I wondered about the change of plans after the USC visit too. But it may just mean he is weary of the process.

Atkins - Haven't heard anything lately.

Incarnato - I hear we contacted him or his coach recently to judge his interest but his reply was 'no offer, no interest'. I'd guess he is plan B or C and will only get an offer if things work out that way. Might not accept even if offered.

Nick Smith - I think he is a backup plan and probably won't get offered. He may be offered for DL if he gets one.

The issues facing recruits are the possibility of early playing time and quality of coaching. I'm not sure it is true but some may think our poor offensive performance is due to poor OL coaching.
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Looking at other positions...

On Offense

I'd take three more OL, a pure T and two interior players.

At TE we have plenty with Hoobler.

I'd take Davis at WR and call it a day.

With Ross and Hall being seniors next year and not expecting Clarett back, I'd take three RB prospects. We have verbals from Pittman and Haw. I'd save one for Williams in case he qualifies, maybe even if he doesn't. Add in the possibility that Hall will have surgery on both knees and the fact that Ross is as fragile as a little girl and it is very important that we restock now. I'm saying Guilford to Safety.

We got our guy at FB with Johnson.

I'm not sure that I'd settle for the possibility that Bauserman might not choose baseball and come in as a gray shirt for '05. I think it would be a good idea to take another QB for Fall '04. Who? Don't know. Lee from FL?

On Defense

I'd take one DT just to keep the pipeline full.

I might take one more DE if he projects as a stud. Smith has moved to DE and Frost is looking real good plus there are Penton, Richardson, Kudla. Not a big position of need but if a stud wants onboard take one.

I'd take a total of three LBers including Freeman. Next year D'Andrea, Schlegel, Carpenter and Hawk will be Juniors and Matthews will be a Senior. That leaves us with Lukens, Kerr and Freeman as Freshmen or Sophs. Time to restock. At least two and I'd prefer 3.

I'd take Ginn and one more DB prospect. We seem to be looking for Safetys with more cover skills that before so it is hard to tell who exactly is a S and who a CB recruit.

We need a kicker that can make all field goals and punt the ball out at the opponents 1. Dime a dozen.
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There was an update on Leon Hart tonight on Rivals. He made it sound like he's not the lock for South Carolina everyone thinks he is. Other than Byers and Zuttah(personal reasons) this is the guy I'd like to see us land on the o-line. We are in his top 4.
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I am bad at predictions but I think there is a good chance we get

1) Mitchum- I think we are in the lead but IMO Iowa is a stronger player than some think

2) Feliciano/Zuttah- one of the NJ kids- Zuttah's last update was not too promising but other info contradicts this- Feliciano is more of an unknown but I believe one of these guys has to see the opportunties we are offereing on the OLine

3) Unknown/Nick Smith/or Incarnato/Cadogen change ala Frost-

I don't see the Claude trio happening- he goes to scUM2 or NCST/Auburn sucumb to the blackmail and take all three

Gallimore is going to scUM

Hart goes to South Carolina
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offensive linemen

OSU seems to have no trouble getting quality skilled players to commit but I'm a true believer that great offensive lines make great RB'S and great QB'S. I'm worried that our lack of 4 or 5 star offensive linemen coming to OSU in the next year or two will really hurt in the next couple of years. We lose several linemen this year that in reality shouldn't be starting. Bishop and Clark are simply not very good and if guys like Olds and Datish can't beat them out this year then I think we are in trouble. I thought Datish was suppose to be a stud and yet he must not be better than Bishop or Clark..That's bad. I heard Datish has no idea how to pass block.
It seems to me that Marcus Green would make a fine O lineman as well as Cotton. I know they've moved Coleman there but again, If these guys can't beat out clark and Bishop then how good are they?
I love defense and I know it's "D" that wins Champiomships, I'd just like to see more guys like Pace,Lachey,Kline, Stringer, etc. commiting to OSU.
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We have three very solid OL commitments -all seem to be very underrated

Ben Person (Xenia)- has to be considered one of the top guard prospects in the country- not just Ohio
Steve Rehring (Lakota West- Cincy area)- is a very big kid who has the size to be a tackle
Jon Skinner (Mt. Carmel PA.) was injured as a junior but before that injury he was considered one of the top 2 OL prospects in the state of PA- this year he is proving that he probably earns that designation again

All of these guys are workhorses and love the Bucks

We probably take 2-3 more this year and we are in on quite a few good ones i.e. Jacky Claude, Chris Rutledge, Leon Hart, N. Smith, Brandon Braxton etc.

We also have a commitment for the top Midwestern Olineman (according to Insiders Midwestern guru Chris Pool) in Alex Boone of St. Ed's

We are just fine in our Oline recruiting
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From all I've seen only B. Person is a sure thing. Idealy we'd like to see at least 2 of the top 20 coming to OSU, 2 more from the top 40,and 2 more from the top 100. That hasn't happened yet.
Who will step into the 4 open spots next year? With a young QB taking over for Krenzel next year it sure would've been nice to have three or four returning linemen. Four new starters on the line and Sophmore QB could mean a lot of growing pains. I'm spoiled since going 23-1 the last two seasons.
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