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What movies should I rent?


Mirror Guy
Staff member
I bought one of those month passes at Blockbuster so now I need to come up with 2 movies to rent a day for the next month. I already came up with a list of 50+ movies that I don't already own, but I was hoping you all could give me some ideas to fill in any that I forgot.
if the movie doesn't have nudity, fast cars, paranormal activity, blood and guts, or isn't about football don't rent it because it probably isn't worth it. does that help any? :scum4:

By the way... you still have 700 that you need to be betting on the bucks!
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If you haven't caught Fried Green Tomatoes yet... that's a real mover.

I don't know. I think that would remind me a little too much of my moms side of the family. Anyway I'm not a huge Cathy Bates fan unless she's breaking legs or cooking up pythons. :p
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