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What is Jim Tressel's favorite kind of shaving cream?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by Thump, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    Just take a stab at who I'm imitating here.

    Come on donny, you know better than to come on here and ask some of this stuff. You know you're going to get nailed to the cross for it.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2005
  2. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    isnt it about time for the roller coaster that is your rep points to dip into the red again thump? :lol:
  3. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    Do thump's rep points roll with Donny's Tide?

    It's rollin' baby!
  4. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    Just havin fun with donny. He's actually a nice fellow but does deserve some of his ripping at times. Just having some fun with him.
  5. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    You are definitely out of 4-H now...
  6. shouldnt this be in the recruiting thread????

  7. daddyphatsacs

    daddyphatsacs Let the cards fall...

    I'm thinking that Tressel uses Edge shaving gel, with a Gillete Mach 3 razor. Then he spashes on a little Gillette aftershave. :wink2:
  8. ScarletInMyVeins

    ScarletInMyVeins Tanned Fat Looks Better

    I swear to God that when I read the title of this thread I was getting ready to ding the shit out of donny... Then I saw that Thump posted it so I think I'll still ding donny
  9. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Post your best donny thread imitations here.
  10. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand.

    If the Buckeyes played with just Nuge and Hawk how much would they beat Indiana by?
  11. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    If the Buckeyes all had their legs amputated, could they still beat Alabama?
  12. ScarletInMyVeins

    ScarletInMyVeins Tanned Fat Looks Better

    How many of you think that Dick Tressel should grow a mullet?
  13. daddyphatsacs

    daddyphatsacs Let the cards fall...

    What grade do you think Jim Tressel got in 7th grade math?
  14. gbearbuck

    gbearbuck Herbie for President

    If you have a mullet, and you get a haircut (note the entire back is left alone) how much do you pay for the haircut?

    Now how much would you pay in Alabama... if it were near a fishing hole... and a racoon lived near by... and etc (insert any other junk not effecting the outcome of the original question)...
  15. buckeyegrad

    buckeyegrad Don't Immanentize the Eschaton Staff Member

    I think I posted this imitation of Donny on BN once upon a time:

    If the Buckeyes played a game on the moon, how would it affect the passing game?

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