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tBBC What’s up with the OSU women basketball?


What’s up with the OSU women basketball?
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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I needed some time to wrap my head around this.

After another early exit in the NCAA Tournament by the Ohio State women’s basketball team, I’ve spent several days trying to figure out what happened. The third-seeded Lady Buckeyes were soundly beaten by Tennessee in the Sweet 16. This was a Buckeye team ranked in the top 10 all season. But all it could muster this season is two wins in the NCAA, adding to a string of disappointing exits dating back to 1993, when OSU was national runner-up.

Yup. You saw that correctly. OSU hasn’t been out of the Sweet 16 since 1993.

But, Kevin McGuff was supposed to change that. Ohio State fired Jim Foster in 2013 despite a .700 winning percentage, in part because he couldn’t get far in the NCAA Tournament. He failed to win 20 games just once — the year he was fired — and other than that year had teams that finished no worse than fourth in the B1G.

Enter McGuff, former assistant to Muffet McGraw at Notre Dame and the mastermind of all the success Xavier had in Cincinnati. He at least got Xavier to an Elite 8.

But so far at OSU, it’s been Foster 2K. In three years OSU has been stuck in neutral as far as the post-season. Not much of an upgrade if you ask me. Maybe 3 years isn’t enough. Maybe I’m being too harsh.

Horse pucky.

I failed to mention that before coming to OSU, McGuff’s Washington teams were seventh and fifth in the Pac 10 — not exactly a conference replete with title contenders on a regular basis.

Coaching changes are supposed to be for the better. Upgrades, if you will. I may, and hope someday I will, eat my words, but Ohio State made a lateral move by bringing in McGuff.

Nothing against him personally. I’m sure he’s a hell of a nice guy. But we don’t want nice. We want post-season success. Ohio State didn’t get it with Foster, despite being a regular-season juggernaut, and it’s not getting it with McGuff either.

Next up, please.

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