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tBBC Welcome to Columbus: Ohio State’s Class of 2016 is Stacked with Talent

Michael Smith

Welcome to Columbus: Ohio State’s Class of 2016 is Stacked with Talent
Michael Smith
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Wow. It’s really the only word I can say when describing the recruiting class Urban Meyer and his coaching staff has put together today for THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Ohio State recruiting class is currently ranked #1 in the country by Rivals, 247 Sports, and Scout. Now that can change during the course of today, but what an amazing accomplishment.

Where do you begin to talk about this amazing class of unbelievable talent coming to Columbus this year?? The list of blue chip prospects is long indeed. This could be the most talented recruiting class in Ohio State history.

Yes, its that good.

This Ohio State recruiting class is loaded all over, from running back to wide receiver, defensive line to defensive back — Ohio State got a in-state top 5 recruit from 9 different states.

Just look at this list. Nick Bosa, Austin Mack, Jordan Fuller, Michael Jordan (no, not that one), Antonio Williams, JUCO OT Malcolm Pridgeon, and the list goes on and on. Its truly amazing how much fun we are going to have as Buckeye fans in the very near future.

Which players will play right away and make a big impact?

Nick Bosa, if fully recovered, will start from day 1 at Ohio State — there is no question. Look for Antonio Williams, Jake Hausman, and Malcolm Pridgeon to see a lot of playing time this year with many others.

Antonio Williams will be one of the featured backs in this class, as a dual-threat running back out of North Carolina, who has the size and speed to be multi-dimensional in the evolving Ohio State offense.

Williams is a four-star recruit out of New London, NC. He enrolled at Ohio State in early January, but his commitment became official today.

At 5’11”, He brings a lot to the table, and will challenge redshirt freshman Mike Weber for carries in the spring.

Demario McCall is rated as a four-star recruit by 24/7 composite rankings, McCall is rated as the 44th best player in the country for the 2016 class. McCall initially committed to Ohio State in March of 2015 and reaffirmed that commitment today by sending in his Letter of Intent.

Many see McCall sliding right into the coveted H-back position in the Ohio State offense which is easy to see. With blazing speed (he reportedly has ran a 4.3 40) and moves that remind many of Braxton Miller in space, McCall has the potential to succeed very quickly at Ohio State. The key will be seeing how much size McCall can put on without losing any of that speed which made him so coveted.

Austin Mack a four star wide receiver out of Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne Indiana. He committed to Ohio State in July of 2015.

Mack has been the top receiving target for the Buckeyes for quite some time, despite not always being ranked as one of the top receivers in the class of 2016.

At 6’2″, there is a possibility that Mack could have an impact on the field right away, but with so many young receivers on the field, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him redshirt by the end of the year.

Lets not forget about the OL where Ohio State loaded up with Michael Jordan, a 6-6, 305 lb. Offensive Lineman, from the State Up North (Plymouth High School / Canton, MI.) enrolled at The Ohio State University on January 11, 2016.

Tyler Gerald a Portsmouth OH native will help give the OL more depth. The 6’5″, 300 lb guard is rated as 4-star by 247sports and was the #7 nationally ranked player at his position

The big recruit sign of the day is Central Islip, NY native Malcolm Pridgeon — a JUCO recruit. The 6’8″, 303 lb. Pridgeon is rated as composite 4-star offensive tackle by 247sports and was the #3 nationally ranked player at his position. Malcolm held 27 offers from a who’s who of schools; including Florida, Alabama, Nebraska and Baylor, among others.

The #4 TE in the country Archbishop Moeller graduate Jake Hausmann will be making his way to Ohio State. Hausmann is a 6’4” 230 pound dynamic receiver who is a four-star recruit according to 24/7 Composite rankings and the 120th best recruit nationally.

Hausmann is one of five freshmen who will be vying for space on the depth chart. Look for him to be the #2 TE on the depth chart come this fall.

On the defensive side of the ball Ohio St signed some top recruits at the DL, OLB, and DB positions.

Nick Bosa really needs very little introduction. He has been on Ohio State’s radar since his older brother Joey Bosa committed to Ohio State. Nick Bosa is a 5 star DE from St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As I said earlier, he is the younger brother of Joey Bosa who just finished his 3 year career at Ohio State. Nick was very highly recruited around the country. He is the #1 ranked DE recruit in the country and #8 overall. Nick had offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida St, Michigan St, Miami FL, Notre Dame, Florida, and many more. He always said his recruitment was wide open, but in the end everyone knew he would end up a Buckeye.

Nick is said to have even more talent than his older brother, which is scary. He has the size and speed at DE that defensive coaches dream of, and offensive coaches have nightmares from. Nick did suffer a big injury to his knee during his Senior year, there is some question on if he can be ready to play his Freshman season at Ohio State. Once healthy, there’s little doubt that Nick will be Ohio State’s starting DE from day 1.

And if you think getting Bosa was enough to bolster the future of the defensive line, just wait till you see Columbus native Jonathan Cooper.

The 6’2″, 234 lb weak side defensive end is rated as 4-star by 247sports and was the #2 nationally ranked player at his position.

Urban Meyer has called Olney, MD native Keandre Jones the jewel of the recruiting class. Keandre had been verbally committed to Maryland, saw the error of his ways and changed his mind. The 6’3″, 198 lb outside linebacker is rated as composite 4-star by 247sports and was the #8 nationally ranked player at his position. Keandre held 9 offers from schools that included Maryland, Penn State and Iowa. Buckeye fans will see a lot of Darren Lee in him. In fact, Urban Meyer said today that there is no doubt that he will be a captiain some day.

Ohio State loaded up on DBs in this recruiting class getting Wayne Davis out of Virginia, Kareem Felder out of Maryland, and Rodjay Burns out of Kentucky. Also in the mix is Jordan Fuller, a 4 star athlete who committed to Ohio State earlier this week. He is one of the top recruits coming out of New Jersey. He’s listed as an athlete but most predict he will end up being either a DB or Safety.

Ohio State also landed the #1 punter in the country in Drue Chrisman out of Cincinnati.

Here is the entire list of the recruits coming to play for The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Nick Bosa (DE), Johnathan Cooper (DE), Austin Mack (WR), Michael Jordan (OL), Tyler Gerald (OL), Antonio Williams (RB), Malik Barrow (DT), Tuf Borlan (LB), Demario McCall (RB), Dwayne Haskins (QB), Keandre Jones (LB), Binjimen Victor (WR), Jake Hausman (TE), Jordan Fuller (ATH), Malcolm Pridgeon (OL), Luke Farrell (TE), Kierre Hawkins (TE), Wayne Davis (DB), Gavin Cupp (OL), Jack Wohlabaugh (OL), Malik Harrison (ATH), Drue Chisman (P), Rodjay Burns (DB), Kareem Felder (DB), Jahsen Wint (ATH).

There you go folks, the recruiting class of 2016. Get ready to have a lot of fun cheering them on in the Scarlet and Gray!

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