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Well whats your eval on the start of the season? What teams surprised you? who's better than you thought?...who's worse? Although I think neither will win a BCS bowl game, Louisville and Purdue jump out to me as very good offensive football teams. I would of thought that Okla's. defense would of played better? The Notre Dame situation is just sad. My God, did LSU get lucky or what? I would say that overall Purdue is alot better than I thought, and LSU either played a bad game or their not so special this year.
The Big Ten is underrated!!!!! IMO we performed the best out of any conference.

Minnesota played great
Purdue played good
Utah was awesome
Memphis played good
BG played a great game against OKIE
Cal vs. USC may determine the PAC-10 champs(Cal has a great offense)

LSU will not repeat
USC might make the NC game but they will lose(cheesy conference)
Georgia looked flat
Michigan St. got handled by Rutgers
Washington St. is average
Marshall sucks
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The biggest thing that jumped out at me was USC and LSU. Either they're really slow getting back in the groove, or there will be no repeat.

I was also surprised at MSU's loss to Rutgers (?!?), and Purdue's blowout. And what' up with that freshman QB at scUM, Chad Henne (I don't know if that's right). He looked pretty good....
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Just reviewing Sunday rush/pass stats: Weasels didn't look impressive. LSU, at home, looks suspect for top 5; perhaps they end lower. Oregon St. played a very impressive game at Baton Rouge; obviously, their deficient kicking game killed an otherwise outstanding effort. USC's 1st game last week didn't look like a top 5 team, considering opposition. Purdue, Minny, Whiskey looked good.

I do zero in on rush D, so our Bucks looked very decent in that respect...as they also looked good on balanced attack. JT must be anxious about JZ's turnovers. Hopefully they are anomolies. Pittman and Ginn are authentic comers.
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Texas played the best of anybody in the top-10.

Minnesota should be ranked much higher than 22nd in the new poll. The pollsters need to pay attention better, and quit ranking based on last year and their own expectations.

Purdue was also very impressive.
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Week one according to Killernut

Week one was filled with ups and downs but mostly yellow, as in yellow flags. It was tough to watch all of the mistakes, I mean most of them the refes had to throw them. Mental mistakes show that there are an unusual amount of young teams playing this year, not just Ohio State.

Instant replay was okay, but week one wasn't a very good judge imo, Nothing game changing happened in any Big Ten game. Most were blowouts other than Michigan State (who is much worse than I thought) and Northwestern who should be holding open tryouts for a kicker.

Now I am done with the refs lets look at the games. Most of the National Championship contenders struggled early but put teams away late USC, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State?, ect. LSU took it to the limit against Oregon State however, this is why they are a dangerous team. IF they are as good as I think and others think this could be there one game and they won it. What do I mean by there one game. Most undefeated teams have one game they play that they should've or at least could've lost, but some how they pull through. LSU is going to have another week to work out the kinks, they have a stud 5 star freshman recruit as their QB who is only going to get better, but looks good now. The only thing that could hurt this team is injury imo. Most look and LSU and see a team that is bound to loose, I see a very serious National Championship contender.

Since I have discussed a little bit about both my DOH' of the week goes to both Oregon State's, and Northwestern's kickers.

Big Ten winners overall won big. Minnesota, and Purdue however were very surprising and very impressive. I didn't see much of the Wiscky game but the score looked good. After seein the teams I would adjust my projected standings to look like this:

Killernut Big Ten Power rankings:

1) Ohio State
1) Minnesota
3) Purdue
3) Michigan
3) Iowa
6) Wisconsin
7) Penn State
8) Illinois
8) Northwestern
8) Indiana
11) Michigan State

For ND Cheif: Notre Dame needs to join the sun belt conference, if they want to win again, forget about the ACC/Big Ten.

In short a whole lot of nothing happened to the big time programs not only in the Big Ten but accross the country. Next week the madness should begin.
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