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Week 1 surprises and non-surprises


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I was not surprised that LSU's offense struggled.
I was surprised that Henne got the start (even to an injury) and I was surprised that he moved the ball pretty well - considering my only other time seeing him play (big 33) I was less than impressed.

I was not surprised that Minnesota lit up Toledo
I was surprised that OSU nearly met its offensive goal of 200/250

I was not surprised that Kay Jay Harris ran all over ECU (337 was a bit surprising, I confess)
I was surprised that Purdue shut down Walter Reyes - I figured he's Syracuse's option, feed him the ball 50 times - that and PU's D is very young.

I was not surprised that Texas demolished North Texas
I was surprised that Texas A&M had nothing for Utah

I was not surprised that Sproles busted 221
I was surprised that JJ Arrington had 3TD's and 181 for Cal and Geoff McArther only had 1 Rec. for 7 Yards

I was not surprised ND lost to BYU
I was surprised that TTU didn't put 50 or more on SMU

I was not surprised Washington Sucks
I was surprised that Georgia used a Freshman at RB and he looked good

Just to name a few things.
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Re: K-State only beating Western KY 7-6 near the end of the <HR SIZE=1><!--EZCODE QUOTE START-->
Quote: <HR>WKU is a sound team, <HR>​

yeah in basketball...Cat fans never cease to amaze me. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
Nice work.

Di - I haven't been on much the last week or so, but I 've been reading some threads and it seems you like the cocks a little too much, if you know what I'm sayin..... :wink:
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I was not surprised Texas ran up the score
I was suprised Texas Tech couldn't run it up against UTEP

I was surprised scUM could only net 115yds in 40 carries against Miami, OH.
I was surprised Miami threw for more yds against scUM

I was really surprised that Miami, Oh. had 158 punt return yards on only
5 returns against scUM.

I'm not surprised we only had 2 penalties.
I'm surprised we did not utilize Hamby more, especially after the one drive was practically all him.

I'm surprised how slow this week is going because I can't wait to be with the 'Shoe again !!!!!
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hey....what can i say...i am one of the ONLY ones who picked the cocks to finish in the top 15 this year....

a win this weekend and they are well on the path.....i just think they could be a real sleeper....
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Di..I'm with you. The old man took the reins away from Skip. Very little spread and chuck the ball...lots of smashmouth ball from the old school coach. The scary part about Carolina is to consider a few guys who did not play as much as they usually would (Newton, Summers, Gause) due to pissing off Lou over the summer. Once these players get out of the doghouse, the Gamecocks will be even stronger
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I was not surprised that Miami got handled by Michigan.
I was surprised that Penn State scored 7 TDs in 7 possessions against Akron.

I was not surprised that Troy beat Marshall.
I was surprised that Oklahoma State still looks like a pretty good team.
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