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We might still have a chance.....


Troy Smith for HEISMAN
According to a report in People magazine, Anna Kournikova may not have said "I do" just yet.

<!-- esi: /widget/story/videoAndPhotoGallery?contentId=3266610-->An anonymous source told the magazine that earlier reports that the tennis player had secretly married her boyfriend, Latin singer Enrique Iglesias, were not true.


btw....I recommend taking alook at their gallery if you have not gotten a chance to! :biggrin:
ScarletInMyVeins said:
ya know... i don't think anyone would look twice at her if she weren't famous...she's not hot hot.

I completely agree with you. I have never understood the fascination with her. Her face is the biggest problem, and while she has a nice body there are a lot better than her out there. However, we are in the minority.
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I guess I just don't understand why Anna gets so much attention when there are women in the world who look like this:

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