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We Didn't beet our selve this time ...instead we...


Well we got Beat at home by a really balanced team. Today we played hard on defence and showed that our offence could be a little creative for once. The statue of liberty play was just that.... creative, but as we expected the running game was not very good and this time to the number one defencive team in the nation.swick was pressured heavilly and he struggled throughout the game. But we seen a team ( our bucks ) that fought hard and did not fold. Anthony davis was spectacular, but he got hit today by a young defence that is obviously still learning and a team that tackled better than a week a go. The defence did yield to many passing yards though...much more than it takes to win a big ten game against the badgers. We need to get a little older to get better, in other words greatnest will come with experience and maturity. I will continue to cheer the Bucks even if this season may be long through rebuilding.
Nice post. I don't suppose we come to this board to be particularly objective. But if you can distance yourself for a second and imagine how you might judge another major program that lost all we lost your expectations would be a bit more measured.

We should have beat NU and the players themselves said they weren't ready for that one. Shame on the team and the coaches.

But Wisky had the better team. Not a lot better, but better - largely due to experience. And yet we were three turnovers (two that we commited and one they commited that didn't count) from a win. We weren't dominated - but we did get beat.

It hurts and we ought to be pissed. I hope the players and coaches are pissed.

But this is not a program in trouble, just a program that isn't as magical as we wanted to believe it was.

(Not that I am backing off my concerns over JTs inability to put together a consistently effective offense since he has been here.)
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