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WBNS-10TV To Rebroadcast Buckeye Upset!!


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This was on the front page, but I overlooked it a few times and figured I might not be the only one. It's comercial free too!!


Columbus, Ohio – WBNS-10TV is giving Buckeye basketball fans a second chance to see and record history by securing the rights to rebroadcast last Sunday’s OSU vs. Illinois men’s basketball game. This exciting game featured the final minute upset of the undefeated and first place Illini.
The match-up will air during overnight programming on Wednesday, March 16, and Thursday, March 17, both mornings at 2:05am, and will be broadcast without commercial interruption.

“After the dramatic victory, viewers came out of the woodwork asking us to replay the game,“ said Director of Operations Frank Willson. “WBNS-10TV prides itself in giving the viewers what they ask for. We’re pleased that CBS was able to accommodate our request to re-air this amazing game.”

Viewers who wish to videotape the game should allow three hours of record time, to insure that they record the entire game.

The Dispatch Broadcast Group includes WBNS-TV, WBNS-AM/FM, Ohio News Network and Radio Sound Network in Columbus, Ohio; WTHR-TV and WALV-LP in Indianapolis, Indiana; Dispatch Interactive Television in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.
edit: actually its not a good idea to show Frank and my email's from sunday.....

lets just say that I even suggested the 2am re-broadcast times.....and all credit goes to Frank for getting this done...great job on his part...
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Just got back from the Indy games here (Illinois/Nevada, Cinci/Kentucky).

Wore my OSU shirt and was pleasently surprised by the number of others that did too. Got a couple "yea Go Buckeye!" comments. Good turnout of OSU fans here at the games.

Early in the Illinois game (maybe even before), there were 2 people walking around holding a big sign. It had Illinois 33-1 (?), but it had an arrow pointing to the 1 and had it going a big "OHIO STATE BUCKEYES". There was some other stuff written, but I couldn't see it. It was awesome, got some of the Illini fans rev'd up. I laughed, on the inside though, I was surrounded by a lot of orange. And just on another note, Illinois fans were pretty annoying, not much other way to put it, lol. You'd think they'd never actually committed a foul the whole game with how they reacted to every call.
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