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tBBC WBB: Ohio State Routs Nebraska, 96-70


WBB: Ohio State Routs Nebraska, 96-70
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Coach McGuff would like to point out how good his team is.

The #5 Ohio State Buckeyes entered the game (21-4, 13-1) on a 9 game winning streak and anticipated extending it against the Nebraska Cornhuskers (17-8, 8-6). That they did, as the Buckeyes took control early in the game and won very easily 96-70.

Ohio State won this with deadly shooting and aggressive rebounding. The Buckeyes shot 53% (39-74) from the field, a blistering 54% (13-24) from 3-pt range and a horrendous 56% (5-9) from the foul line.

For a notoriously poor rebounding team, Ohio State performed beyond expectations (mine at least) by out rebounding Nebraska 43-38. Of these, 14 were offensive rebounds, which indicated that OSU was aggressive at both ends of the floor.

The Buckeyes placed five players in double figures. Alexa Hart led the way with 18 points, followed by Shayla Cooper (16), Kelsey Mitchell (16), Ameryst Alston (16) and Asia Doss (13). Shayla had the distinction of pulling a double double with her 11 rebounds and Alexa Hart came close to is with her 9 rebounds.

Meanwhile Nebraska shot 41% (28-69) from the field, 31% (5-16) from 3-pt range and a paltry 64% (9-14) from the line. They grabbed 38 rebounds, 14 of them offensive.

Nebraska had one player in double figures, Jessica Shepard who led the Huskers with 20 points and 8 rebounds.

1st Half

The teams ended the half with Ohio State holding a 50-34 lead. It’s always nice to go into the half with the lead, especially with the pace and general “control” of the game favoring Ohio State. One encouraging note was that Ohio State was actually out-rebounding Nebraska at this point, 20-13. I never thought I’d be able to write that, but that was a reflection of the effort that the Buckeyes brought against the ‘Huskers.

At the 8:18 mark of the 1st quarter, Ohio State and Nebraska were tied at 6-6. Over the next two minutes, OSU went on a 7-0 run to get some breathing room. Ohio State had a 26-13 lead until Nebraska went on a 4 point burst in the closing :30 to cut OSU’s lead to 26-17.

In the 2nd quarter, two 3-pointers by and Shayla Cooper kept OSU at a comfortable 32-21 lead two minutes into the quarter. Over the next five minutes there was some basket-trading as Ohio State maintained a 10 point lead (38-28) at the 3:24 mark. The Buckeyes closed on a 12-6 run to outscore the Cornhuskers 24-17 in the quarter. Ohio State was well on their way to the century mark with the comfortable 50-34 lead.

Ohio State was led by Alexa Hart (13 pts, 7 rbs) and Ameryst Alston (12 pts, 3 rbs). Kelsey Mitchell had 9 points and Shayla Cooper had 5 rebounds.

For the half, Ohio State shot 50% from the field (21-38), 55% (7-14) from 3-pt and 50% (1-2) from the free throw line. They had 18 rebounds (3 offensive), 5 assists and 5 turnovers.

Nebraska was led by Jessica Shepard (12 pts, 2 rbs). Allie Havers and Rachel Theriot contributed 6 point each.

For their part, Nebraska shot 45% from the field (14-31), 14% (1-7) from 3-pt and 71% (5-7) from the free throw line.

2nd Half

The 3rd quarter was pretty much the same as the first two quarters, with Ohio State ‘winning’ the quarter 23-12. At the midpoint of the quarter, OSU held a 61-40 lead, so if there was any doubt about the outcome, put your fears to rest.

The Buckeyes came out with the same intensity in the 2nd half as they finished the 1st half. This team was on full throttle.

In the 4th quarter, substitutions eased things back a bit with Nebraska ‘winning’ the quarter 24-23. A moral victory of sorts for the Huskers I guess, but the scoreboard reflected a true rout, 96-70.

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