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tBBC Wayne Davis is a Buckeye!


Wayne Davis is a Buckeye!
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image courtesy of 247sports.com)

Wayne Davis is a 5’11”, 187 lbs. cornerback from Norfolk, VA’s Lake Taylor High School. He was pursued by 22 Schools with offers of a full-ride. Some of these schools include: *ichigan State, Penn State, Iowa, Nebraska, Louisville, VA Tech, VA, GA, TN, Auburn, Duke, and TTUN. But Wayne chose The Ohio State University back in July of 2015. A visit from Kerry Coombs came in December of 2015.

Davis and fellow future Buckeye, Kareem Felder, represent the only members of the secondary from this 2016 class.

Rivals list him as a four-star prospect – placing him at #7 overall in the state of VA, and #25 in position overall. ESPN has him listed at 38 in position, 75 overall, and 21 in state. 247Sports places him as a 3 star prospect at 342 overall, 30 in position and 6 in state. Scout places him 25 in position and 2 in state.

Davis is a physical player. He is a hard hitter that has a quickness that generates fear. His explosion has been categorized as lethal. His ability to get to where he needs to be in a hurry is exceptional. In coverage he can run step for step with bigger and “faster” wide receivers. His reading ability is said to be of “…grand maturity.” His trigger abilities are tremendous and he has great hands.

In comparison to Kareem Felder, another 2016 commitment, he is less offensive minded. He is physical and enjoys the prowling. Defensive Coaches love his style.

There have been mumblings in Buckeye Nation that compare him to Mike Doss, even Shawn Springs – certainly big shoes to fit, but the point, I believe, is to say this kid has tremendous talent and a bright future.

Davis’s agility is what is required of an Ohio State cornerback. His lack of diplomacy could possibly muster trouble for him. Davis has the talent and the physical want to play defense. He will certainly plant fear on his side of the field.

Wayne will be a starting corner for the Buckeyes relatively soon. He is an ideal defender in that he defends. His knack to stay close to the football will make him a coach and fan favorite soon. Look for Wayne Davis to be a star with the Buckeyes. He has the talent – and that wondrous Buckeye attitude.

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