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LGHL Watch Cardale Jones show his knowledge of the game on Jon Gruden's QB Camp

Alexis Chassen

Watch Cardale Jones show his knowledge of the game on Jon Gruden's QB Camp
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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There are a lot of questions surrounding the Buckeye quarterback -- and Jon Gruden got some answers.

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is making the rounds as he gets ready for the NFL Draft in late-April. As he does each Spring, former player and coach Jon Gruden is sitting down with the 2016 quarterback prospects ahead of the big day, to try and get a better understand of them as a player.

Everyone knows about Jones' personality off-the-field -- and on Twitter -- but the quarterback is much more game-smart than he is often given credit. In his first spot with Gruden, Jones talks about how he never threw from the laces in high school or college until he started seriously preparing for the NFL.

Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer is a stickler for fundamentals, and I can only imagine how he reacted upon seeing Jones intentionally avoid the laces in practice. However, he did learn the technique from his time playing for Ted Ginn Sr, which is about as good of a recommendation as Meyer would need to allow it.

Second impression on Cardale Jones at Gruden's QB Camp: good knowledge of the game. pic.twitter.com/WU5p6pcbVl

— Mike Sando, ESPN.com (@SandoESPN) March 17, 2016

These interviews should give NFL teams and scouts a better idea of where Jones is in his maturity, and could even improve his draft stock.

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