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Warning Levels??

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by jimotis4heisman, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. I see some members have them? Could someone please explain the system.


  2. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><THEAD><TR><TD class=tcat colSpan=6>Warning Types </TD></TR></THEAD><TBODY id=collapseobj_warn_listtype><TR><TD class=thead>Warning Name</TD><TD class=thead>Warning Description</TD><TD class=thead>Warning Points</TD><TD class=thead>Warning Maturity</TD><TD class=thead>Permanent Ban</TD><TD class=thead>Post-related</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Corporal</TD><TD class=alt1>You're being given a friendly slap on the wrist, the person who warned you will explain why in greater detail.</TD><TD class=alt1>5</TD><TD class=alt1>1</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Personal</TD><TD class=alt1>You let a debate or argument with another poster get too personal. We can all be guilty of getting carried away in the heat of battle, but the post that has been warned crosses over all appropriate lines. Consider putting the other user on ignore.</TD><TD class=alt1>10</TD><TD class=alt1>14</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Pollution</TD><TD class=alt1>You've ignored the compartments within the site structure. Politics outside the political forum, excessively mature material outside Romper, etc.</TD><TD class=alt1>10</TD><TD class=alt1>3</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Dings</TD><TD class=alt1>You've whined about dings one too many times and it's getting out of hand. If you're starting threads just to respond to anonymous reputation dings, there's going to be a problem, particularly if you do it regularly. Remember, the reputation system is optional, you can turn it off. Also remember that sometimes you just have to blow off people abusing the system just to get under your skin. Also consider the possibility that there may be some merit to the ding. Either way, please cut down on the 'ding whining'.</TD><TD class=alt1>10</TD><TD class=alt1>3</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Trolling</TD><TD class=alt1>You are trolling and/or flaming. The post you've been warned for can serve no other purpose than to bring down the quality of discourse on the site. Debate, disagreement, even arguments are all welcome; but you won't be if you're just here to pointlessly provoke.</TD><TD class=alt1>20</TD><TD class=alt1>14</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Spamming</TD><TD class=alt1>You're spamming, flooding, or have crossed the line from promoting to pimping. If you have something to promote, it's fine if that happens naturally as you take part in the discussions on this site. But if it appears you are only here to advertise, you'll likely get this warning.</TD><TD class=alt1>20</TD><TD class=alt1>7</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Bashing</TD><TD class=alt1>You personally attacked a player, coach, recruit, or person of interest to the program or community. In order to receive this warning, it had to have gone above and beyond constructive criticism. Understand that players, recruits and their families read their threads on this site, and consider them when posting.</TD><TD class=alt1>50</TD><TD class=alt1>30</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Capital</TD><TD class=alt1>You probably don't even need to be told what you've done wrong, because if you're getting this, it was probably calculated and intentional. Obviously this site isn't for you, and you aren't for this site. Life goes on, and here it will go on without you.</TD><TD class=alt1>100</TD><TD class=alt1>1000</TD><TD class=alt1>Yes</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD></TR><TR><TD class=alt1>Timeout</TD><TD class=alt1>You have crossed a line severe enough to warrant an instant temporary ban from the site. The person who applied this warning will explain in greater detail. Sometimes we all need a couple days away to regain perspective, and that's the purpose of this mandatory hiatus. We consider even temporary bans as a tool of last resort. Consider what provoked it, and whether or not this site is the right one for you. You are welcome back, if you wish to return, when the temp ban expires.</TD><TD class=alt1>100</TD><TD class=alt1>7</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD><TD class=alt1>No</TD></TR><TR><TD class=tfoot align=right colSpan=7>Warning limit before being banned: 100 points. Initial banning period: 7 days.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  3. spraguezilla

    spraguezilla Rookie

    Thankyou Jlb1705, I am new to the site and was wondering about this also.
  4. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    It is a way for people who either don't respond to PM discussions or just blatantly continue the behavior discussed. Basically, its a last resort to keeping sanity around here. I'm sure everyone has realized, you have to be a real prick to get anything serious...but then again, recruiting peak has not come around yet.

    The recruiting forum is the ONLY place on the board where concrete rules are in place. No cursing, bashing, negativity to kids, etc. Nutty, Skin86, and others put in a good bit of time with no is basic respect, IMHO, to follow the guidelines for that forum.
  5. thank you guys

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