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True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence
When I was working out watching CNBC, along with a few other things, they ran a segment on the year end bonuses wall street investment analysts were getting.

Some houses were reporting bonuses in the $1-2 Million range.

It sounded like the M&A crowd at Goldman Sachs did well at $2 million.

They mentioned a name I was not familiar with and I can't remember the company but his bonus was estimated at $15-$20 million.

They said the oil, mortgage and commodity traders were getting the lion's share. Sounded like some would get all and some would get none.

Now there is a reason to get a top ten MBA, if you think you can swim with the sharks and work 80 hours.

NYB, drinks, hell dinner is on you my friend.
I don't think you can consider NYBuck very successful. Hell, I cannot remember the last time he posted on this site. He obviously has his priorities screwed up and is probably doing something stupid like working.
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