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Wade Miller inks one-year deal with BoSox


Sitting around in my underwear....
The Boston Red Sox have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with former Houston Astros pitcher Wade Miller.

Miller, who was 7-7 with a 3.35 ERA in 15 starts before going on the disabled list June 29 with a season-ending rotator cuff injury, passed a physical exam Wednesday in Boston and agreed to a contract with a $1.5 million base salary and $3 million in incentives. Agent Bob Garber said the deal will be finalized on Thursday.

Los Angeles, Arizona, Oakland, Texas, Florida, Detroit, Kansas City and the New York Mets were among the other clubs that expressed an interest in Miller, who has a 58-39 record in five big-league seasons.

Miller, who made $3.4 million last season, became a free agent when the Astros decided not to offer him a contract by the Dec. 20 tender deadline.

"The Red Sox were right on it from the beginning," Garber said. "They flew him to town and made him feel welcome. That's what Theo Epstein does. He makes players feel wanted, and they want to come here." :banger:

Garber said that he expects Miller to be ready to pitch by Opening Day. If that's the case, Miller will join Curt Schilling and new free-agent signees David Wells and Matt Clement at the top of a revamped Boston rotation.

The Red Sox's projected starting rotation plus their 2004 ERA

Curt Schilling 3.26 ERA
Wade Miller 3.35 ERA
Matt Clement 3.68 ERA
David Wells 3.73 ERA
Bronson Arroyo 4.03 ERA

That's one hell of a staff. Losing Pedro and Lowe and gaining Miller, Clement, and Wells is huge. Even if they all don't stay healthy, even just 2 of the 3 panning out gives the Sox a better rotation than they did last year. With the upgrade at SS with Renteria, and the fact that the offense other than that should be just as strong as last year...this team has a great shot at being better than last year's team. Randy Johnson's deal to go to the Yankees falling through is a good thing too, but I think eventually RJ will end up in the Bronx. I don't think the Red Sox are done either though. They could get another guy to go in the pen, or may even nab another star infielder. I think it's pretty safe to say the two best teams in baseball will be in the AL East again.

The Red Sox have always been my #2 team...the Reds still are my #1 team, and always will be. But it's sad that the Reds can't compete at all, even when their owner is one of the richest guys in baseball, and attendance was up a lot last year, he still says he is going to cut payroll by 10 million dollars. Then they screw over Barry Larkin, have turned the Griffey Jr. deal into one of the worst trades in history (even though this isn't really their fault.) But the Reds are just in a heap of trouble. One day I hope baseball has a cap and all the teams even out. Look what it has done for football? When the worst team in the NFL can beat the best team in the NFL, that's parady!
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