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Vikings Sign Brock Lesnar


'18 Bowl Mania Champ
The Minnesota Vikings have signed former WWE Pro Wrestler Brock Lesnar to a $230,000 contract. Vikings head coach Mike Tice made the decision after putting Lesnar through strenuous 45-minute workout this morning during his tryout. Tice said Lesnar, who hasn't played football since high school, would play defensive tackle position as well some defensive end.
Lol I was curious how this would end up.<!-- editblock="topstory" --><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan -->
He was an All-American wrestler at Minnesota, so he's a good athlete, but to assume you don't need specific skills to play in the NFL is ridiculous. I am willing to bet v-cash on the practice squad.
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I just can't wait for the Madden 2005 roster update, when he is included in the game you know he is going to be a monster Lol. Might have to move him to linebacker but with his size and 40 time should be able to dominate with him. In the real league though, not predicting to see the feild.

He has been drug tested many times, when trying to draw interest from teams he was offering to do so, to clear up their doubts.
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