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Vijay Singh clinches player of the year...


Don't worry Tiger, you get better action with your Swedish slut than Vijay does any day. Anybody think he's about ready to get rid of her? I guess it depends on which he wants more.


Vijay Singh appearing with famed internet poster "Tibor"
tiger is too busy yelling at people who dare to take a picture of him to pay any attention to you tibor.

thats why vijay will never be as good as tiger....he let somebody take that picture. obviously he lacks the ability to be as much of a dick head as tiger is.
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I thought the whole Tibor thing was just a joke, that he was really some 13 year old white kid from the suburbs who created some weird character to play on the internet. I had no idea that he was a real, full grown asswipe.

Tibor, how does someone get to be like you? Honestly, I want to know. How does someone get to be at once ignorant, dumb and a complete prick? It's a testament to your commitment to embarrass yourself and your family, to be sure. I just want to know HOW you do it...
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"World number seven golfer Vijay Singh (left) and former Indian cricket captain-turned-golfer Kapil Dev being presented with the mementos before the start of the BILT Skins Golf Tournament at the DLF Course in Gurgaon on Sunday. — PTI"

is the caption on that photo. Tibor is undoubtedly a white kid from the suburbs. Or is he a famed cricket player? lol
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