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Defense still wins Championships
I was enjoying yesterday's victory and got to thinking about previous thrilling victories. that thought brought up memories of big-time plays in these games. i smiled to myself as i remembered watching all these plays in the past, but i also wished that i would be able to see them again, just to refresh the memory. then it hit me: would it be possible for this site to include a video database from games? not the games themselves, but little files of all the big plays, for example: Holy Buckeye, 4th and 14, Gamble's INT vs PSU, Nugent's game-winner last week.

this site is already amazing and i know it is continually growing. i just think this might be a nice little possible addition. i do realize, however, there may be copyright infringement issues as i believe most broadcasts say "intended solely for the private use of the viewer and any reproduction is prohibited..." so i'm not sure if it would be possible.

what do you say?