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Yesterday was kind of a special day for my family. We left our house around 11:30 AM to take the whole family to the movies and other activities ending with dinner at a local steak house. On our way out of the driveway I saw a blue minivan drive past my house filled with what looked like fiberglass insulation. The van pulls over about 100 yards away from my house and the guy gets out and just sort of stands there pretending like he's looking for something wrong with his van. I pretty much had it figured out what this jackass was up to, so I had my wife write down his liscense plate number and we went on our way. Sure enough, when we get home around 9:30 PM I see this huge pile of insulation on the side of the road right where that guy was parked. I called the constable and got his answering machine (I live in the sticks). I left a message on his machine relaying the guys plate number and what I had seen. I talked to the constable this morning and this douche bag is not only getting nailed on a very nasty littering charge (I guess dumping fiberglass in a watershed area will get you fucked big time), the jackass got his van impounded and is getting nailed for drive under suspension. :lol: :slappy: :lol:
Good. I have been working in new housing developments and I see all kinds of trash that people dump all the time. Last week I saw a whole beat up living room set laying in the middle of a street that was under construction. I guess they thought the construction workers need a place to take their break.
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Roll thru the OSU campus area on August 31st, when the leases expire, and the seniors leave, and you can find some pretty decent furniture sometimes. Sure, you mostly see a lot of typical nasty college couches and such, but sometimes rich daddy's girls from NY or NJ just throw their stuff out, it is easier than actually moving it for them.....
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I work at a University, I have 4 computers in my house, 10 tvs, numerous cable boxes, VCRs, small fridges, every storage container imagineable, ect. ect. ect. Hell, I even found a kitchen sick, didn't need it though. :biggrin:
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