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Juice, Full of Juice!!
Not sure I am venting just wanted an outlet for all this junk I am feeling right now. First off, this is a sad sad day for a program I have loved since I was a little kid. Everything that was right with the world occured on the cool fall days at Ohio Stadium. It is a shame that recent events of some boosters, Mo C, Troy Smith and others have given OSU this black eye. I have tried as hard as I could to say it is no big deal, yadda yadda, but the truth it is a big deal. It saddends me because there are sooo many good people associated with this current team and past teams that have to be associated with these couple of idiots that have destroyed the good name of Ohio State. To all the young men/woman current and past that represented this great institution I thank you so much for your effort, hard work, character, and allowing me the joy to watch you play on Saturdays. The memories of the games, and the great stories of leadership and courage will never be lost in this fan and that is a fact.

I know it easy for us to say it happends at all universities and it does, but whatever the reasons are and there are many, the media has chosen to make OSU their target. That is fine keep kicking the horse when it is down.. get it in now while you can becasue this school and the fine young men/woman who come to this school will rise and be stronger then ever. There are too many fine people associated with this school and athletic program to keep us down. We have caring boosters who will make sure the school is suported, we have fine young men/woman who make us proud everyday of OSU. Enjoy it now, because it will not last long.

I am ready to hear whatever news it is we need to hear. Suspension, fines, loss of scholarships, etc just let us know. I know the NCAA is still invesitgating and more charges can come fourth ( I think there will be more) but just not kowing is killing. It is almost like I hate coming to these boards to read about more and more of the junk being thrown around, but this is what we have to deal with because of the poor decisions of some individuals.

Troy Smith, I think you made a horrible mistake but an example has to be set and as much I do not like this philosphy, but drastic times requires drastic measures, and young man you made a horrible decsion at the worst possible time. All these arrest and so fourth have got to stop and stop now. I know we are more publizied then almost any other university and when we compare us to other universities we are no worse, but I am sorry this is The Ohio State University, we do not want to be suffled in the mix with the others, we should aim to set the bar. We will set the bar, but that bar needs to be set now and a presidence needs to be set, and I am sorry but Troy it starts with you. JT cares too much about these kids and I do not think he will do it, but I think it needs done.

To the AD that will come in. Welcome to the challage of a life time. The ath dept has between 200-300 million dollars in debt, O'Brien is suing the school, the NCAA will offer more punishment to the program, the Football mess etc. You know with all these challanges, you will not find more enthusastic fans in the country. This can be good/bad, but rest assured this will have the biggest impact on how OSU will come out of this no matter what the punishment is.

This will effect recruiting, and that is understandable. To all those who have the heart and courage to stay committed and who will sign on national signing day, thank you, and you are not making a mistake. The atmosphere, the tradition, and everything that you loved about OSU will be there. On top of that you will not find a coach out there who will encourage you to succeed and want you to succeed more the Jim Tressel, you can count on that.

Again, this fan can not thank all the young people in all the sports for OSU enough. Thank you for represnting The Ohio State University in a fine way. This is a hard time for everyone who is associated with the school, but what does not kill us will make us stronger.
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Craig, that was terrific. You hit every nail squarely on the head. This is a very sad time, our emotions are naturally running high, but there is great cause for hope and optimism because, as you said, 99% of the kids, coaches and fans are passionately committed to tOSU and will move heaven and earth to put it back on top.

Great, great post.
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Craigblitz brought out some good points in venting his feeling and frustrations and whatever happens to "The Ohio State University"
it will survive. Believe me, I know. You should have been around
when the faculty and board of OSU voted the team down in prep-
eration of its Rose Bowl trip back in the early 60's. The whole city
of Columbus even came out and hung "Woody" in effigey after a
lousy losing season.
Jim Tressel is a fine coach and he comes from
a city that was full of "Rogue" boosters" and not much can be done
to control people of this nature. The are very self egotisical and
will do anything to be in on the ground floor of any Institutional
Athletic events, especially in winning seasons.

And believe me
Youngstown was FULL of them back along time ago. Now the city
is depleated of a steel working force, that brought great prominence
to the people who lived there. Good people still live there. And the
lives they live, must go on somehow. Now the city of Columbus and its
working force class people are coming under intense scrutiny that
to some, may be too much to handle or digest. IF it happens then
they will have to fess up to it and move on. Nothing good lasts forever.......... this is just plain simple REALITY. Be ready for the worst possible scenario.........and if nothing happens, we will all feel very good in the end, as if nothing of this nature ever took place. "GO BUCKS"
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